Saturday, March 21, 2015

Grandpa turns 60

 A couple months ago the family started plotting behind Grandpa's back about his upcoming 60th birthday.  He is a terrific guy- plays with his grandkids, always helping us out when we need it, always there to talk to...we knew we wanted to do something.

In the end we all met at a restaurant, did a little decorating and yelled surprise. And guess what he was surprised.  On our drive down Garret said "I can't wait to see Grandpa surprised, I have never seen him surprised.  Maybe he will cry, I have never seen him cry." He didn't cry...but he was surprised.  The kids loved being a part of it.

 Even the littlest grand-kids joined in the fun.

 After the big surprise there was visiting, lots of food, a few presents and some good Grandpa time.

Then we all went to my parents house for a bit more fun.  My kids were beat by the end of the day.  They were so excited that they were up and dressed by five in the morning.  By the end of the day of playing they crashed.  But before bed they said "Today was a great day."

Happy Birthday Grandpa- We love you!

Church Talent Show

 The kids practice the words and some actions to A Bushel and A Peck for the ward talent show.  Tyler was out of town and some of us were feeling a little under the weather, but the show must go on...

They looked adorable and they sounded adorable.  I might be a little biased...but they were my favorite act of the night.

Garret's Concert

 Poor Garret was sick the days leading up to his concert, but he said he was going no matter what.  I love Garret's commitment to things.  He had two solo parts and did great.  The concert was called a Better You A Better Me and was really fun to watch and had a great message.

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's Big!

We added this BIG van to our fleet.  We said goodbye to the minivan (I love minivans).  But with baby number 6 coming in September, we needed to go bigger and this was the best deal we could find.  Let's all say an extra prayer for me and hope I can drive it safely!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 The weather has been so nice lately.  We have been spending lots of time out of doors.  Some of the highlights-

* Gideon isn't sure what he thinks about grass.  He has tried it and thinks it taste ok, but it tickles his feet.

*We had ice cream sandwiches for Family night and Tyler decided Gideon needed to try one.  He really, really liked it.
 *Baseball.  Tyler has been playing lots of catch with the kids.

 *I love watching their in action faces.  So serious.

 *Adele didn't play much one of the days.  She really had to go to the bathroom.  She says she wishes she was a boy so she could just go anywhere.
 *Gideon is our flying baby.  He loves to fly.

 *When he isn't grumpy he is one cute kid!  Sadly, he has been a bit grumpy lately.  Teeth?  Sick?  Who knows.
 *He still self soothes with his thumb.  Awesome, for now.
 *One day when Titus was dirty he took a sinky.  he thought that was pretty cool!
 *With the kids outside so much I have to sweep at least 10 times a day.  It's exhausting but worth it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Garret's writing assignment

Garret wrote this at school and brought it home.  He could pick whatever he wanted to write about and this is what he wrote-

My Dad, Tyler Fordham is somebody I love.  Here are several reasons why, my Dad sets good goals.  He keeps goals that he sets.  He makes goals that help himself and other people.  My Dad shows patience everyday.  He shows patience in everything he does.  he shows patience even when days get hard.  My Dad shows service in many ways.  He has a job that provides money and food.  Every Christmas he gives food and money to other people.  My Dad shows cooperation when we work on family projects.  He also shows it when he works with people at his office.  I admire my Dad for all of the ways he helps us and other people.

I am so grateful that Tyler is someone the kids look up to and can try to be like.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Family update

 Adele and Titus had a "Tea party".  They dressed as Mickey and Minnie and thought it was so special.  Adele ate so much she said "My belly is so big".  Titus said "Maybe it's a baby."  Adele so "No it's not."  and then Titus in his funny way said "Oh, Yah.  We have to marry first."

 Adele loves dressing up and spends many days as a princess or pioneer.  She dances and sings through the house. 
 When she has her pioneer dress on she loves to run outside and roll across the yard.  I watch out the window and just smile, is there any better way to spend a childhood?!
 Gideon is obsessed with hair.  He LOVES sucking his thumb while grasping my hair.  If someone else is around he will settle for their hair.

 The kids have been "Secret cupids" for each other and have loved being as sneaky as they can.  They give little gifts and lots of homemade treasures.
 Garret and Spencer decided to practice baseball the other night.  Spencer came in with a huge smile and asked if we saw anything different about, yeah!  It's gone down a little but was pretty impressive.  He said if his forehead looks purple he is going to say it's for valentines day. 

 Adele has been writing everything she can.  During her nap time she just writes down things from books that are by her.  It usually makes no sense but she works at it diligently.

Titus loves coming up to me and singing " since when did you become my mudder."  A line from a Newsies song.  He thinks it's so funny when I sing back that I've always been his mudder.

Adele said to me "I love pretending I have a friend named Sara or Charlotte."  I asked what she liked doing with them.  She said first she tells them that they are pretend then they play together and talk.

When I put music on Adele likes to dance.  Titus will say " are we marry dancing or crazy dancing? "

Garret is loving the Rangers Apprentice books and if the weather is decent he is outside with his bow pretending he is a Ranger.  He wants a cloak so bad.  I love his imagination.

Gideon is on the move.  anytime i turn around he is somewhere else.

Titus is my most destructive child ever.  He is very innocent about it but he seems to always be breaking things and causing trouble.  He is so hard to be upset with but sometimes that cutie can wear me out.

We have been working on the attic and the kids will spend hours up there.  Singing and playing.  I think Titus has been up there the most.  If Tyler or my Dad go up he just goes with them and plays with scrap pieces of wood and loves it.

Garret and Spencer both got report cards and they both did great.  I love the teachers comments about what great kids they are.

Everyone is doing great around here.