Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Update

 We spent a lot of January being sick, but we have managed to have some fun.  Gideon learned to clap the day after he recovered from his sickness and has been clapping since.

War was a popular game.  They seem to play it over and over and over, until they are burnt out and then it gets forgotten.  It was new again and they were loving it.
 Gideon had no appetite for a week but has since found it again and is enjoying trying lots of new foods.
 He still is not crawling, but he manages to get around.  He rolls and scoots and pivots.  Lots of times he just sits and plays with whatever we give him.
 Garret was sick the other Sunday.  He missed church but I was happy to see him reading his scriptures on his own.  He is well into the Book of Alma.  It's a great sight, him reading the word of the Lord.
 Gideon is kind of attached to me,  which can be really hard, but it also makes me feel pretty special when he gives me his big toothy smile every time he sees me.
 The boys had a day off of school and I assigned them each a kid to teach.  They all liked having a big sibling teacher and I just sat back and watched. 

 Spencer LOVES science.  He planted some seeds the other day and is watching the tops and the bottoms grow.  He really gets into it.  He says he wants to be a dentist and live right by us.  Which I think would be awesome...but he is good at lots of things, so who knows.
 Adele and Titus usually play really well.  They have become really good buddies.  They spend lots of time together when the kids are at school and they are really creative and cute together.
Today when the kids got home they all played basketball and jumped together on the trampoline.  I held Giddy and watched out the window.  They were all so happy and I felt so blessed.  It's busy having so many little people around but I love them all so much.  Our lives are good!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Family fun Weekend

We had a great weekend, sadly my camera battery was dead so I don't have many pics to show for it.  But we had fun visiting Dan and Heather, my parents, Leah and Joe (and baby Cicily).

We also fit in a trip to the temple and a movie, Paddington, which was actually pretty cute.  It was nice getting away and visiting people we love.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dress Up

 All the kids love dressing up. It's always cute, but some days are extra fun.  Spencer told me he was a cowboy jedi. 

Another time Titus and Adele were up in her room.  He came down in 0-6 months clothes because he was a baby. 

That same day he came down in a newborn nightgown.  It looked like a tight mini skirt on him.  Funny kid!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


 Titus graduated from Nursery and is now part of the Primary at church.  I was a little nervous for how he would do.  Sitting still is not always his strong suit.  He did perfect.  He sat quietly and participated. 

Birthday for Me

 It was my Birthday on the second.  We were busy working on projects with my Dad that day so we celebrated on the third.  Tyler made me a yummy feast for breakfast.  We spent time together all morning, then we went to the Jefferson historical museum.  I had been wanting to see it.  I enjoyed all the trivia about our hometown.
 Then we ate at Fat Smitty's.  I had never been there.  I thought it was pretty good and all the dollars were interesting.
 We ran a few errands and picked up Dairy Queen for my birthday dessert.
 It was a great birthday.  I think this is going to be a great year.

For my birthday this year Tyler bought me a bike and the kids wrote me stories.  I wanted to scan and put them in with the pictures but my scanner was acting up.  Here are the wonderful stories.

Birthday Stories-

Spencer gave me his story inside a folder that said "Caution- fiction, makes no sense"

Once upon a time-

A dozen kids tip toed down dark river Nile and I bought a farm at the hamster holes of amber waves of tub.  I borrowed a plow smelling like out west Bill.  i did what I could a mile away the girl said Hi I bought a farm at cricket creek across the night time desert don't know how to go to school.  I or a scratching forest open a salt I wonder what my son found a dozen kids back open his salt licked.  She brave pet muscle.  Together they grow bigger, he had so many letters a cow a mile away.  She came upon a country fair.  The End.

Garret Story-

Mom and Dad save lives

Once there was a mom who wanted to have a kid.  so she went to college and sat in a chair behind a young man named Tyler.  Then one day he asked her to go tht emovies, then they did it a lot until they got married.  Soon they had a bbay named Garret.  They played with him and had fun.  Then they had a boy named Spencer and then Adele.  After that Titus and finally Gideon.  Mommy saved Spencer's life one time.  Daddy found Garret when he got lost.  Mom and Dad and their children lived happily ever after until...

One day Mom was walking in a park.  She saw smoke coming from her house.  She ran back to the house.  She ran inside and grabbed Titus and Gideon and then ran outisde.  Dad came outside holding Spencer and Adele and said that I was coming out.  I cam out running out.  the fire fighters came and put out the fire.  ONly a tiny bit was burnt.  I'm glad Mom is awesome, she saved us. 

Dear Mom, Your the best.  From Garret

Titus's Story-

Paper People

The paper people one day go into a cave.  it was a paper cave.  They played try to catch the ball.  Then the paper people did read a book.  the book was Anne of Green Gables.  Later they had paper meat for dinner.  Before they went to bed they played a drum.  they had good paper dreams of Donner and Rudolph.  The End

Adele's Story-

The Car

People were in a car and drived.  Then they stopped and one of their sisters pick a flower.  Then one of the other girls stayed in the car with their seat belt on.  Then the next girl asked if they could go to the park.  Then the girls doll was lost because the girl was too fast that the girl dropped her doll.  then a mouse found a doll that was a doll that was the little girls.  He saw the girls lose the doll.  So he didn't know what to ride on through the lake.  He thought to find a duck.  to swim across the lake and then a ghost came and found him with the doll.  then a bunny hopped around him.  Then he found him, the bunny.  He rided on him so he wasn't too tired.  Then the little girls Dad was here and saw the mouse bringing the doll.  The girl was so happy.  the seal was there and he watched and the little girl sawthe seal.  He invited all of his friends to his party for the mouse.  She was so happy that the mouse found her doll.  The End

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Dip

 It was Polar Dip day again.  Friends from the office joined in this year.  Garret and Spencer were both brave.  It's always fun seeing so many people from the community come together and kick off the New Year.

 It was cold but they were glad they did it.  It's a fun tradition- I enjoy taking pictures of the jumpers!

Finishing off 2014

 We had friends over for "Boxing Day", they brought popper things.  We all had a great night.

We spent several days of break playing with friends and with each other.

New Years Eve Dan, Heather and kids and my parents came up.  We spent the afternoon, evening and night playing.  Garret shot off his mentos rocket.

 Everyone tried the stomp rocket. 
 The kids were outside for hours.  It was cold but clear and sunny and they had a great time together and with the dog.

The babies had fun together in the house.
 The evening we ate lots of food, Tyler tried out his smoker....yum!

There were games and movies.

 We all made it to midnight, hugged and cheered and crashed.

It's been a fantastic year.  We added Gideon to our family, we all grew and made memories.  We are very blessed.