Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spencer completes his goal!

Spencer decided he wanted to finish the Book of Mormon before he turned eight.  He did it!  I couldn't be prouder.  His mind remembers all kinds of trivia. He has stumped us a number of times with his questions.  He also figured out how many times he will be able to read it if he keeps up the same pace before he turns 12.  He started it again tonight.  Go Spencer!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Gideon's one year stats

We went to the doctor today.  He did a pretty good job, only crying for the shots.  He weighted 20 pounds (28% ) was 29 inches long (30%) and his head was in the 95%.  The doctor says that he is smaller than the other kids but since he is developing and healthy he isn't concerned.  I knew before going in he was a little guy!  It will be interesting watching him grow, will he develop into a build similar to the other kids or not? It's fun seeing their similarities and differences.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gideon's Birthday

 The night before Gideon's birthday was like Christmas.  The kids slept in the basement.  They think this is a special treat.  Gideon slept happy with his Angel Bear.
 He woke up to excited kids.  Ate a breakfast of sugary cold cereal (easy special breakfast, since we had to get ready for church).
 Three hours of church.  The kids told everyone it was Gideon's birthday.

We got home and he took a great nap.  No one else took a great nap, they kept coming down asking if Gideon was awake yet.
 When he woke up we let him open his present.  The kids had fun helping him.

We ate a dinner of pasta, jello and corn (all Giddy favorites).

We took our full bellies outside and played on the yard (another Giddy favorite).
 There was flower picking.
 and Relay races
 Finally the little man got a piece of his "Goober" cake (we all call him Goober). He went for it a finger full at first.

 Soon it was fist fulls.
 In the end we had a messy, happy Birthday baby.
 He splashed around in the tub (another favorite).
 When he was all clean, we all gave him one last hug and kiss and put his little one year old self to bed.  We love him SO much.  Happy Birthday Gideon Rex.  Thanks for being a part of our family. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gideoin Rex at almost 1

 My little guy turns one tomorrow. The year has flown by.  Having Gideon in our family has been so fun.  We all are just loving every cute thing he does.  A little about Gideon at almost one-

He has the cutest little toothy grin.  He squishes his little face up all cute and it makes all of us smile.
 It always takes him a minute to get used to the feel of grass on his bare legs when we go outside.  He used to sit with his legs up for a long time, now he adapts much quicker.

His favorite sound is "Ah" but he can make lots of sounds.  His only real words are the start of uh-oh when he drops something and the "m" sound when he wants more.  Listening to him babble I am sure words will be coming anytime.
 He crawls, but doesn't walk.  He stands up on furniture but crawls when he wants to get anywhere.  He is pretty quick and sometimes I wonder how he got around the room so fast.

He loves it when his siblings play with him.  Adele is always caring him around and saying "Mom, I'm going to watch him right now". 
 He is horrible at church.  We are always in the halls.  Everywhere else he is a little trooper and used to being hauled around from place to place. 

He loves the stroller and the carrier still. 
 He claps and waves and blows on his arm.

He LOVES this little white angel bear that was Tyler's.  If we hand it to him then put him to bed he doesn't cry at all.
 He still has the little red spot between his eyebrows on the back of his neck.

He has lots of nicknames already- Gid, Giddy, Goob, Goober, Giddy goo, cutie pie, Stinker.
 He has never had a hair cut but it is growing so it won't be too long.  It's fine and thin still but starting to hang over his ears.
 He gets excited about animals but only from a distance. 

He loves being outside.  If he is fussy we just take him out and he is all smiles.

He likes to eat but doesn't always chew things as well as he should.  It makes me a little nervous and I end up still giving him tiny pieces of everything.  He has not mastered the spoon and fork at all.  He lets us know he is done by chucking (serious it goes far) his food on the floor.  Around his chair is always messy no matter how much we clean it.
 He still sucks his thumb.  He does it mostly when he is tired.

He loves climbing around on people, being wrestled and tickled.  He laughs in anticipation of rough play.
 He gets excited when he sees people from his family. 

He is spoiled with love and even though I worry that his experience is so different than some of the older kids I think it's been a good first year.  He doesn't get as much one on one from me but he is surrounded by love.  I see it everyday, all around him.
We think he is one awesome little guy.  I am so glad he surprised us and joined our family.  I hope he has a special day tomorrow.  We love you Goober!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's day 2015

 I am lucky enough to be the Mother of five (soon to be six) beautiful kids.  I love them so very much.  They teach me, they make me laugh, they try me, they remind me to play, they show me the world anew.  I adore them.
 This year they his "hugs and kisses- xoxox" with things they love about me around the house for me to find.  They made breakfast and dinner.  They hugged me and kissed me and did the dishes and snuggled.  They even picked me buttercups.  It was a simple day but a great one.  I am so thankful for my family.  I'll love them all forever.

Garret Finished

Garret finished the Book of Mormon for the first time today.  I am so proud of him.  He has been reading each night.  When I ask what he is reading about he always has an answer.  I asked who his favorite person from The Book of Mormon is and he said Captain Moroni.  I told him to try and finish before he was 12 and he finished before he was 10.  Way to go Garret!

May Sun

 The weather has been so lovely.  We have been outside a lot.  Titus caught the biking bug and is zipping around the driveway.  Adele is trying to figure out the bike with no training wheels.  Yard games and mud have also been big hits.

The other night we put Gideon in the baby walker.  He held his feet up for hours so the grass didn't touch them.  Spencer started the fire for tin foil dinners all by himself.  I was so proud!
 We are eating on the deck again!
 A few Saturdays ago we finished up our morning chores and I jokingly gave a kid a challenge job.  I said whoever completed their challenge got to watch a family movie.  The next Saturday they were eager for their challenge and without meaning too we started a new tradition.  The jobs and prizes change.  They never have to do their challenge but they always want to.  I had no plan for a prize this week.  So I gave them a few nails an some scrap wood.  Best prize ever.  The kids took off together in the woods.  After an hour I checked on them and the boys had no shirts on.  I asked Titus why and he said "Garret said we would be tougher this way".  I asked if the mosquitoes were biting and he said "No, Garret had us rub mud all over our skin to keep them away."

 A checked back a couple hours later.  They had dug big pits, enough for them all to get in and covered them with the boards and ferns. 
 I had to drag my hilly billy kids in, covered in mud, getting along and as happy as could be.
 I love the sun, I love their creativity, I love when they get along--- and they do look pretty tough!