Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adele at Five

 Love, Love, Love this girl!  I can't believe she is almost five (Her birthday is next week)...and yet she has seemed five  for quite some time.  Here are some things about this wonderful spunky girl-

-She can hold her own in a family of boys.  She wrestles, fights with nerf guns, explores in the woods, catches bugs, builds forts, climbs trees etc.

-She is very much a little lady.  She dresses up, plays dolls, sings, dances etc.

-She Loves braiding hair.  It's really fun...usually.  Sometimes I have to say "not right now".  But usually it's fun.  She wakes up from her nap and comes out with her hair in lots of tiny braids and thinks she looks so lovely!

 -She is smart.  We haven't worked much on reading lately (crazy Mom of five is having trouble finding the time) but she was really picking it up great and I think she will take off once we work on it again.

-She is a great big sister.  She loves her baby Gideon (that she still takes all credit for because she wished him here).

-She is very confident and will put on a show for pretty much anyone.
 -She is friendly.  I have had to explain time and again that it's good to be friendly but that she isn't suppose to just start talking to anyone she meets.  This girl is one social lady.

-She loves princesses and pioneers and dresses up like them both often.

-She loves her dolls Emily and Anne and we can often hear her talking to them both.
 -She likes telling the boys what to do.

-She knows if she screams she can get the boys in trouble.

-She tries to do things that Titus does but is just old enough that it's not always cute.  Titus has a baby voice still and it's pretty cute.  When Adele talks like that it's not as cute.  She is a little confused as to whether she is a big kid or a little kid.

 -She is a great little helper. 

-She loves animals.  Horses, chickens, cats.  She is my little egg collector.

-She loves watching musicals and learns the songs really fast.
 -She loves helping in the kitchen.

-She says she wants to be a mom and a dentist someday.

-She wants to watch Anne of Green Gables with me someday and Jane Eyre (I have trained her well).
 -She adores her Dad and is always hug him and scratching his back.  She gets excited whenever he comes home and is nearly impossible to get to go to sleep if she hasn't hugged him and gotten a song from him.
 -She enthusiastic and excited about life.
 -She wishes she had "long golden braid hair".
 -She still calls herself LaVern Rose Belle when she is playing princess.

 -She can be a little sassy at times.
 -She loves her cousins and all her relatives. 
 -She is always making plans for me and her.  She thinks since we are the only girls we need to do lots of special things. I like this idea.
 -She loves movies.  We usually only watch one a week.  If she gets anything extra she thinks that's pretty special.

-She is a good eater and not very picky.

-She still has lots of nicknames- Deli, Del, Itty, Itty-Bitty, Deli-girl, Delzy etc. 

-She rarely throws a fit.  She does get a little emotional at times. 

-She loves asking me what I always wished for.  Just so she can hear me say "I always wished for a girl just like you".

-She gives great hugs.

She is a perfect little ray of sunshine for our family.  She is absolutely wonderful and everything I could have hoped for in a daughter.  We are excited to celebrate the great girl she is and I hope she feels that love!  Happy Birthday Deli- Girl

Sunday, September 28, 2014

To Be Like My Father

Tyler gave a talk today and wrote this poem to go with it.  I really liked it and wanted to share it and have it in our blog books.

To Be Like My Father
By Tyler Fordham

Twas once a baby with little cheeks
Little hands and little feet.
Little ideas to grow so tall
So little worries so little to fall

I looked to my father such a tall man
Such a big smile and large holding hands
Bigger ideas and a deep healthy laugh
But larger the worries further the path

To be like my father I walked all I could
Ate all my veggies did all that was good
I followed his footsteps as big as they were
I did unto others and to the widow I turned

I gave of my substance like my father did
Took food to the needy and from sin I hid
Gave love to the man who was not nice to me
Tried to follow his footsteps be all I could be

Then one day my father said I can see Him in you
The one that I follow who has helped me be true
When I look at your footsteps it is His that I see
It was like Him that I hoped you would turn out to be

For all that we do we should do in His name
We should give Him the glory and give him the fame
For it is by His name that I stand tall as I do
And now my dear son I see His tallness in you

Garret's Birthday

Adele made this lovely paper family.
We celebrated Garret's birthday yesterday and had a great time.  Here is how his day went.
He woke up early so excited (typical Garret behavior).  He came down to find his WWII airplane cake.  He loves learning about wars, weapons, airplanes, ships etc.  When I found these little replicas I knew just what to make.  His cake took all of five minutes to decorate and he loved it. 
 He opened one present while breakfast cooked.  He requested German pancakes.  They are so easy I love it when they are chosen.
 The kids got him a present and we did too.  He was very happy with his fun gifts.  They spent the morning playing together. 
 Then we headed to Silverdale to run a couple errands and let himpick out his present.  He chose a big Nerf Gun.  He has been worrying about what to get for months.  He hasn't had any buyers remorse yet so I guess he chose well.

We were suppose to have French Toast at home for lunch but since we were out we let him pick a place to eat.  He picked Mexican.
 When ever we drive through Bremerton he always wants to see the ships.  For his birthday we toured a retired boat.  You can pretty much walk all over the ship and check it all out.  It was interesting at times climbing the steep ladders with so many kids but it was fun and he was so happy.  He decided he never wanted to live on one but loved exploring on it.

 It would be fun to take a tour with someone that knew more about the ship.  There were a lot of questions the kids had that Tyler and I couldn't answer.

 Then it was back home for his very exciting dinner of Top Ramen.  We have only ever had it a couple times so I was surprised when he picked it.  He was happy with his chose though and enjoyed trying lots of kinds.  Funny kid!
 Then cake and ice cream. 

A quick run through the spanking machine.  A good night to the little kids.  Then Garret and Spencer got to watch some of the Clone Wars (Garret's birthday movie).  They begged for more and enjoyed the three episodes they watched.

When we finally put them to bed Garret was so tired he was getting emotional.  Through teary eyes he said it was such a good day he was sad it was over.  He was feeling much better this morning and now can't talk about his big day with just a smile on his face. 

We sure love this kid and are so grateful for him.  Happy Birthday Garret.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Garret at 9

 We are celebrating Garret's birthday early this year.  So Tomorrow is the big day.  As he was heading out the door I yelled "wait I want some pictures".  They didn't turn out the best but you can still see what a handsome boy he is.  He couldn't think of any poses he wanted to do so Titus started saying "do this" or "this" and Garret was imitating him.  Those two are buddies.  Here are a few things about our almost nine year old.

-He is a good boy with a good heart.  He does the normal big brother teasing but in a crisis he is always quick to jump in and help. 

-He reads his scriptures most every night on his own.  He set a goal to finish The Book of Mormon by 10. 

-He still LOVES to play pretend and has one of the most imaginative minds I have ever seen.  I will look out the window and he will have all the lawn furniture stacked up as a barricade and be firing at pretend things in the woods, then he is climbing trees and in the world of Swiss Family Robinson. 
 -He loves weapons.  He is forever making them out of sticks and rocks. He loves nerf guns and bbg guns and knives and spears.  His name means Spear Warrior and I think it's very fitting.  He also has a lot of respect for them and follows all the rules we set for them.

-He has a serious side.  One day I looked at him and asked what he was thinking.  He said "I'm just thinking about what I am going to try to do better when I am 9". 
 -He loves to read.  He loves both fiction and non fiction.  He would love to jump into the land of Narnia but he also wants to know all kinds of historical trivia.

-He says he would like to be a geologist, archeaologist, librarian or history teacher.  I think he could do anything he sets his mind to.

-He is a good big brother.  He helps the little kids with so much.  One day he was listening to Adele read and he said "Mom, it's hard sitting here helping her sound it out.  I don't know how you have done it so many times." 

-He has a very active conscious.  He is a pretty typical kid.  He pesters his siblings and gets into some mischief, but he almost always says sorry and he will come to me later and want to talk about it.
 -His teachers always love him at school.  This year I think will be the same.  He is so eager to learn and so good at following the rules that he is a teachers dream.

-He struggles with spelling but is determined to work hard at it this year.

-He still loves Star Wars. He wants to talk about it all the time.  I have learned more than I ever thought I would about Star Wars and I still find myself saying "I don't know who that person is".
 -He likes the outdoors. 

-He is sentimental.  When something ends he always talks about how he wishes it hadn't ended.  He talks about wanting to go back and do things over that he loved in the past.  I see myself in that.

-He is starting to be "too old" for things and I have to explain to him over and over that we watched "little kid" movies with him when he was small he has to do that for his younger siblings. 
 -He is funny.

-He is a hard worker when he wants to be.  If he thinks someone is noticing he works very hard.  Other times he has to be coaxed.  But I can tell he has the ability to work hard in him. 

-He is always saving for something.  He wants to start hiring himself out to work at the neighbors so he can save up for things.  He always pays his tithing and puts money away for his mission first.  He is a planner though and is always thinking ahead about ideas and the future and how to get what he wants and needs.

-He loves whispering late into the night with Spencer. He says they talk about pretend worlds and things like that.

-He loves his Dad and wants to do things with him and make him proud.  
 He is a great kid.  We couldn't have asked for a better first child.  He is growing so fast.  Even though I desperately want to slow him down I am very happy with the person he is and the direction he is headed.  We all love him so much and hope he knows this tomorrow when we celebrate him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gideon's 4 Month Stats

I took Gideon for his four month visit yesterday.  He did great. 

His Stats were-

26.8 inches (96 percentile)
16 pounds (60 percentile)
Head 97 percentile)

He is growing and happy and adorable.

Some fun things about Gideon at 4 months-

-He loves being talked to and will smile at anyone that decides to chat with him.

-He still has 2 teeth

-He rolls from belly to back.

-He is spoiled and gets carried around a lot.

-He sucks his thumb all the time and puts himself to sleep with it.

-He prefers sleeping his belly.

-He is a great little snuggler.

-All his siblings are obsessed with him.

-He likes his door jumper.

-He is almost always perfect except at church.

-He is always drooling and his clothes are constantly wet.

-He feels like he has always been a part of our family.

We love him!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Little Getaway

 We found out some our oldest (not in age but in length of time we have known them) and dearest friends were going to be in the Lake Chelan area.  Lake Chelan!  That is only 5 hours away!  So we of course decided we had to see them.

We left early Friday morning.  Stopped for a delicious breakfast.  I believe it was called the Matby Cafe and it is known for giant Cinnamon rolls.  We couldn't even finish two as a family.  Garret was sure he could eat a whole one....nope.
 We Spent the late morning and early afternoon in Leavenworth.  Such a cute town.  We had fun walking in the little shops and enjoying the beautiful buildings.  Like always we received lots of comments on the size of our family.

I came up with this genius idea.  I need a T-shirt that I will wear every time I go out.  It will list answers to popular questions we get. For example - "Yes, they are all mine", "Yes I know where they come from", "Yes, we wanted them all", "It is none of your business whether we are done or not" etc.

Leavenworth was a great stop along the way.
 Gideon is a trooper but he was tired when we got to our hotel.  We laid him on the bed and before long he was sucking his thumb off to dreamland.  He sucks his thumb all the time.  It's pretty cute.
 Tyler took the kids swimming.  Three hours of swimming.  The switched between pools and lake swimming.  They love the water but are not very good swimmers.  I really need to take them more.

 They are all very brave with their jackets on.

 The lake was gorgeous and sunny.  We are already planning to come back next summer.  The kids want to swim more and they want to go to the water park.

 By night time they crashed. 
 The next morning I took them swimming again.  Then while everyone was cleaning up they watched some "American Ninja Warrior".  At the park they practiced all kinds of tricks.
 Giddy watched them and cheered them on.
 And then the big moment...our friends arrived.  We were all so excited.  Josh and Kandis!  Garret was cute and kept remembering little things.  Adele whispered to me "I like Josh and Kandis, don't you just like Josh and Kandis?"

We enjoyed the town together and the kids swam again.  It was a great afternoon that went by way to quickly.  Hopefully we don't have to wait years and years before we see each other again next. 

We were sad to go, but so glad we went.  The drive home was long (especially because we missed our ferry- like always) and had to wait and hour and fifteen for it. But the weekend was so worth it.  Thank you Josh and Kandis for being such a huge part of our lives and for letting us crash your weekend!