Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gideon Rex's blessing

 Gideon recieved his baby blessing on Sunday July 27th.  The day was wonderful!  It went something like this. 

I bought Gideon a cute white outfit, got him all ready and my Mom went to pick him up...he pooped.  A lot.  Luckily he had a cute church outfit in this size because that is what he ended up wearing.  He looks cute in anything so it worked out fine.  However it was bad timing, the kid hasn't had many blowouts so it was kind of unexpected. 

We headed to church with our visiting family. All of Tyler's family (minus our brother in law Michael), my Mom, Heather and her kids. 
 Tyler gave him a beautiful blessing.  Standing in the circle were Tyler, Alan, Bliss Morris, Craig Somes, Tony Haddenham, Mike L'heaurux, Joel Janetski, and Mark Durben.
 After church we enjoyed a meal all together.  And a nice evening with family.  (some of them are not pictured yet.  I have to get pics from other cameras).
 We are grateful for a family that supports us on special days.
 And we are so so so so blessed to have Gideon in our family.  He is an amazing blessing.  I wonder how we ever thought we were complete without him.  We are so in love with him.  I still just look at him and feel this overwhelming sense of love and joy and gratitude that we were given him. 
 It was a great day.

Monday, July 28, 2014


 We got to spend the last few days with family and everyone had a great time.  Some of the fun things we did to keep busy were special food (restaurants, hot dogs on the fire pit and dutch ovens), airplanes and games, the trampoline (jumping and sleeping on it with Grandpa) a pinata, the beach and Gideon's baby blessing (but that gets its own post!).
 The kids loved having cousins to play with.  They all got along great and had so much fun.
 The two babies always had someone to hold them.

The sun didn't shine the first two days but has been present since and we all soaked up a lot of it.

 Gideon loved meeting everyone for the first time.

 An extra special part of the trip was Saturday night when Tia, Tyler, Debbie and Alan went to the Seattle temple to do sealings.  Debbie was sealed to her parents.  I was told it was a special and emotional evening.

 Trenton joined us for the last couple days of the trip.  We are so glad he made it.

 We had a great time and hope to see everyone again before to long. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 Garret, who is almost 9, has had a blanket that he has loved since he was a baby. He would tickle his nose with the ties, sleep with it, take it places with him.  He wasn't excessive with it but he loved it and loved having it with him.  A few months ago we talked about how it had lots of holes and was well loved.  I told him when he was ready we would put it away and keep it safe so he could show his kids someday.  A few days ago he told me he was ready.  You could tell he was conflicted about it but he handed it to me and didn't change his mind.

Every kid needs a good snuggle blanket though.  For movies and reading under.  So as soon as he decided he had outgrown his baby blanket I order a bigger snuggle blanket.  Tonight I cut a small piece from his old blanket and sewed it in the corner with the word LOVE on it. 

I told him to grab something from his room and he found it.  He was so happy.  You could see it written all over him.  Happy to have a new blanket, happy I thought of him and happy there was a piece of his old blanket on it (maybe it will help him from growing up all the way).  It was fun watching him wrap up in it and knowing he felt lots of love from it.

 I did make him reenact his love for his old blanket before we boxed it up.  He sure has grown a lot from his finger sucking , nose tickling days! He is turning into such a great big boy.

2 months and 3 years

 I took Gideon and Titus in for check ups today.

Gideon weighed 13 pounds 9 ounces (a little over 75%) Height 24.5 (95%) and his head was in the 99 % (this surprised me because I have had several people say his head looks small).  He did great and only cried for a minute during his shots.  He was feeling talkative and surprised everyone by showing off how verbal he is.  He is growing and developing great.

Titus weighed 38.1 pounds (93 %) height 3 feet 5.25 inches (99 %) head 19.84 (I don't know the percentile but the doctor said "looks like he is like the siblings, everyone has large heads).  He is growing big and is healthy.  He didn't get any shots but decided he did not want to be there (which is funny since he has been there so often with other kids and knows the doctor and usually likes him).  I had to set the baby down and physically hold Titus down (which is like trying to hold down the Hulk) just so the doctor could get a look at him.  Titus is usually so good natured so it was surprising.  On the way out he was all smiles and said "Do I get a prize" (I don't normally bribe but once a year for a doctor visit I'll bribe).  I looked over and said "Sorry, but you didn't make good choices".  When he saw Tyler a few minutes later he said "I don't get a prize" as if it didn't matter.  I have a year to get him prepared for his 4 year old shots...wish me luck. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Number 18

My Brother and Sister in Law had their beautiful baby girl yesterday.  I was lucky enough to get to be there to witness this little miracle.  Heather had a long, long day.  She did awesome (she's my new hero) and her baby is so precious.  I love her (she is the newest Beck baby the 18th grandchild).  Such a cutie.  9 pounds 7 ounces 21 inches long. Welcome to the family Lillian Jeanne!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Falls View Canyon

Gideon Reached two months.  He is big and smiles a lot (but I have trouble getting pictures of his smiles because he stops when he sees the camera).  We love him!

 We planned to go hiking today but Tyler had to go into the office in the afternoon.  So we changed our hiking plan and found a shorter, closer hike and set off early in the morning.
 We hiked Falls View Canyon.  It was only a mile and a half but it was a good length for the little kids and gave us enough time to play in the water.

 Gideon enjoyed his first hike.  He was snuggled up with either Mom or Dad the whole time and slept most of it.
 There were lots of berries ripe.  The kids thought the thimble berries were fun to try.
 They took their shoes off and explored the little creeks and rivers.
 Titus was very concerned about when he would get his drinks and snacks. He did great though and walked it all himself.

 It was green and gorgeous and such a nice morning.  We loved watching the kids have fun.

 Tyler thought about crossing the river holding onto this rope we found tied across but the temperature this morning wasn't really conducive to an early morning swim.

Our kids were king of the Rock!  Such tough kids!
 The waterfall was seen from a distance and not as impressive as I am sure it would be in the spring but still a beautiful sight.
 We finished the hike, enjoyed ice cream in Quilcene and were back home by ten in the morning.
 All the kids kept saying how much fun they had.  It was a great morning.  What a beautiful place we live in!