Monday, July 21, 2014

Number 18

My Brother and Sister in Law had their beautiful baby girl yesterday.  I was lucky enough to get to be there to witness this little miracle.  Heather had a long, long day.  She did awesome (she's my new hero) and her baby is so precious.  I love her (she is the newest Beck baby the 18th grandchild).  Such a cutie.  9 pounds 7 ounces 21 inches long. Welcome to the family Lillian Jeanne!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Falls View Canyon

Gideon Reached two months.  He is big and smiles a lot (but I have trouble getting pictures of his smiles because he stops when he sees the camera).  We love him!

 We planned to go hiking today but Tyler had to go into the office in the afternoon.  So we changed our hiking plan and found a shorter, closer hike and set off early in the morning.
 We hiked Falls View Canyon.  It was only a mile and a half but it was a good length for the little kids and gave us enough time to play in the water.

 Gideon enjoyed his first hike.  He was snuggled up with either Mom or Dad the whole time and slept most of it.
 There were lots of berries ripe.  The kids thought the thimble berries were fun to try.
 They took their shoes off and explored the little creeks and rivers.
 Titus was very concerned about when he would get his drinks and snacks. He did great though and walked it all himself.

 It was green and gorgeous and such a nice morning.  We loved watching the kids have fun.

 Tyler thought about crossing the river holding onto this rope we found tied across but the temperature this morning wasn't really conducive to an early morning swim.

Our kids were king of the Rock!  Such tough kids!
 The waterfall was seen from a distance and not as impressive as I am sure it would be in the spring but still a beautiful sight.
 We finished the hike, enjoyed ice cream in Quilcene and were back home by ten in the morning.
 All the kids kept saying how much fun they had.  It was a great morning.  What a beautiful place we live in!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy One Year in Our House

A year ago we bought our house!  It has been a great year.  Sure there have been things (like the septic) that have been stressful but overall it has been an awesome year.  Already I have so many wonderful memories in this house and hope to have so many more.

I like to read and I love books that take place at other times in history.  A lot of the great stories are set in homes with names- Green Gables, Thornfield etc.  So we decided our house needed a name by our one year anniversary here.

We voted the other day.  Some of our choices were "Big Charlotte" and "The Fun House" but in the end we went with "Green Haven".

Here is why-

It sounds pretty and old fashioned.

The dual meaning of Green.  It is Green and Beautiful here, there are fields and trees, it is gorgeous.  Green also means young and we want our children to have wonderful childhood memories here.  We want them to run through the woods, build forts, shoot bb guns, climb trees, play pretend...

Haven because we want this to be a Haven.  We want it to be a place where they can be young.  A place where they can be innocent and carefree.  A place where they can learn and grow at the right pace.  A place where they can be safe from the harsh things of the world.

We love our beautiful home set on beautiful land but above all else we love that it is a place that they can be children and a place that they are safe to grow up into righteous strong adults.

It was lots of fun thinking of a name for our home.  Will we ever call it that?  I don't know!

Happy Housiversary "Green Haven"!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Spencer's 7 year stats

Spencer went to the Doctor today.  He weighs 58.5 pounds and was 50 1/2 inches tall.  I'm not sure where that puts him in percentages.  He is growing and healthy and awesome.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy July

Last week Garret had Cub Scout Day camp.  He enjoyed it and I was glad it did.  I will be excited to not have it next week.  It's hard having to drop him off and pick him up.  I didn't get the sprinkler or messy things out as much last week for the other kids because we would have to go pick him up at 3.  But it was only for a few days so it was a worth it.  He enjoyed the crafts, the archery, the BB Guns and just spending time with other kids. The last night we got to watch him in a skit and share a pot luck dinner with the scouts and their parents.

 Saturday we were glad to have Garret back so I took the kids to the beach. There are lots of beaches on the island.  This time we went to East beach.  They never get sick of sand and water.
 They pretended this rotten seaweed area was lava and played tag in it.
 There are always great forts that others have built to check out and work on. 

 Things to climb on.
 Garret was good enough to carry Titus over the hot sand.  He really is a great big brother.
 Sunday we had friends over for dinner.  the kids played dress ups and shot nerf guns.  They were as happy as could be.
 Titus kept coming up in the craziest outfits.  Tutus and Hulk gloves, graduation gowns and cowboys hats!

 We enjoyed watching them play with friends and we enjoyed having other adults over.

Summer is going by way to quickly.  It has been a lovely summer so far!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Office BBQ

We were lucky enough to host our office BBQ last night.  We had a great time.  We love the people we work with.  They have helped make the last two years wonderful.  We think they are all great.  The kids adore them and we all think of them as not only great employees but great friends.  We loved having them over.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spencer is Seven

Today Spencer turned seven.  We had a great day today celebrating a great kid.  He was excited about his "Book Worm" cake.
 Enjoyed his German Pancake breakfast.

Loved all his gifts.
 Spent the morning playing with them and reading his new books.
 We did an art project (Spencer loves art).

 At a very exciting lunch of Peanut Butter and Jelly (his pick).
 In the afternoon we set off for town so Spencer could pick something from the store.  We enjoyed walking around downtown but he didn't find what he was looking for (so we ordered it instead).

Ate Taco salad and homemade ice cream.

 Sang and he made a wish.

 Watched The Lego Movie.

Gave him birthday spankings, hugs and kisses and sent him off to bed. 

Spencer got a little point and shoot camera.  He had a list of things to take pictures of today.  Here are a couple of his pictures.  (Someone wearing glasses - I think these are actually Natalia's she left them at our house, Santa Clause- he is stuck in the ceiling of the Nordland store, three animals- when we pulled up to take these deers picture they were nursing right on the side of the road).  His list was really long but he found everything and had fun doing it.

Such a fun day.  We are all beat after the last couple days but it has been a wonderful weekend.  I am so thankful for Spencer and the fun edition he is to our family.  Happy Birthday Spencer.