Saturday, September 13, 2014

We were outside trying to see the northern lights (they were suppose to be visible but we had no luck) and Titus wished on a star.  I asked what he wished for "a Giddy" he said.  That's one of Gideon's nicknames.  How great that he already has what he wants.

I asked Adele what she was going to wish for for her birthday.  She said she was going to wish for a baby but decided not to because feeding two babies at once would be too hard for me (that would be) so she is saving that wish for another time.

The other night Tyler sat up in bed and very forcefully said "we need to sleep for a purpose" fell back over asleep.  He talks in his sleep quite a bit.  Since I am awake at night with a baby I have been able to laugh at it a lot more often lately.

Spencer's teacher told me she loves having him.  She said he is such a smart kid he has even corrected me. Couple times.  I asked hi about it later and he said he was very polite about it he just didn't want people learning it wrong.

I have been worried about spencer not having Garret at the same school with him.  He seems to be doing fine.  He says he plays tag a lot and a game called "piggie".

Titus and Adele have been playing really nicely at home ( usually).  They call each other big buddies.  The other day they played that Adele was the Mom and Titus was running through the house calling for his Mom.  I asked what he needed and he said "I don't need you, I need my new Mommy".  They get pretty serious with their play.

Garret is at a new school and likes it. When he gets home he is ready to run around and play.  He has been exploring the swamp a lot and is loving it.  I don't mind except he comes in covered in smelly mud.

He also loves learning about war history and likes the story of Joshua Chamberlain.

Adele took another riding lesson.  I gave her allergy medicine before  and it helped some.  She likes it so much but hates the sniffles  ad sneezes after so I haven't decided if we will continue.

Gideon is pretty easy right now.  He is a super great mapper and happy when he is awake.  He struggles only when he is tired and we are out so he can't just lay down and sleep.  His smile is so adorable and I love all his baby sounds.

We have been slowly doing little projects around the house and it's been so fun working on them.

There was a moment the other day when I was standing in the kitchen grating zucchini, Gideon was jumping in his door jumper, out the window I could see Tyler on the hammock surrounded by kids and life seemed so perfect.  We are very blessed.  Sometimes it's so loud and busy I can hardly think but it truly is a great life.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

End of Summer, Start of School

 I took the boys on a back to school date the other night.  They were very open about their fears and the things they are excited for.  I know there will be some challenges for them both this year but I think they will both do great.  I am glad I had a chance to really talk to both of these boys.  They are growing up so much.

 We spent the end of summer playing with the cats.  Playing in the woods.  We spent a couple days down in Shelton while Tyler hung out with Dental school buddies.  We tried to get in as much fun as we could.

 This morning started with tears.  But they calmed down and seemed fine and even a little excited.

 Garret was dropped off first.  He is at a different school and that makes him and me a little nervous but I think he will do great.  He is excited for the bigger playground, the bigger library and the bigger gym.  He is nervous for a new teacher and for getting lost. He was acting shy when I dropped him off.  I am excited to hear how it goes.
 Spencer seemed fine the whole way to school.  He read his book in the car and didn't say much.  He has the same teacher again and I figured he just assumed it would be like last year.  We walked in.  He was fine.  Commented on things that were different.  We walked into class and he melted against the wall and started crying.  I pulled him and the other kids into the hall and he says (through his tears) I don't know all of those people.  Typical Spencer behavior.  His teacher came out and asked if he would help with a job since he had been in her class before.  He agreed and we watched through the window a while.  He was being a bit shy but the tears were gone.  He is so sad Garret won't be at school but I hope he will find a good friend and be alright.  I can't wait for him to come home and tell me how it was.

Adele and Titus will miss their big brothers.  The big boys help them with all kinds of things and keep them entertained.  It will be an adjustment for us all.  Gideon doesn't like that he has to be woken up to take them in the morning.  But we are excited for all they will learn and do.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Fun

 Saturday we had errands to run, we decided to stop at a park we had never been to on our way.  It was a state park that looked like it would be fun to come back to.  It was pretty busy the day we were there but we still enjoyed a picnic lunch, the playground and exploring.

 The beach was a fun one. But we didn't stay there long because the kids are hard to keep clean and out of the water.  Since we still had places to go after we decided to see what else the park had.

 The kids had fun at the little playground.  I wish I had the upper body strength they have.
 Gideon had fun watching all the action from the front carrier. I am not sure how Ill survive when he stops fitting in it.

 It's always fun finding a new fun place.
We stopped in SeaBeck for icecream before running off on errands.

 Sunday we went to Lillian's baby blessing. I didn't get any pictures of her in her dress but she looked so adorable.  We enjoyed being there and after we got to spend the afternoon at their house.  Garret whispered to me that it was like "Grandpa Camp" because so much family was there. 

 There house is so nice and it was so fun seeing all they have done to fix it up.  We loved being with family.  Such a nice sunny day!

Summer is almost over.  We are going to try and fit in as much fun as we can this week.  Then it is back to the school schedule.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shirley Temple

We live by a lot of old people and they all must have loved Shirley Temple.  Lately Adele is told over and over that she looks like Shirley Temple.  She diffidently has a lot of personality and she loves to sing and dance.  Her hair does get a pretty good curl to it if it has just been washed. 

What do you think?  (Shirley Temple's picture is at the bottom).  Either way I love this sweet girl.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Catch Up Post

 This week has not gone like I expected at all.  Our computer crashed, which was very stressful- all my work quickbooks was on that computer.  Thankfully we were able to save it, but I worried all week.  I had a few things that were going to get individual posts that all are going to be lumped together now.

Last Sunday Gideon turned three months old.  He is so so so cute.  A little over a week before he turned three months he got his first tooth and now has two teeth broken through.  I know it's just teeth but it totally blows me away.  He is too little to have teeth.  He is suppose to have a gummy smile for a while longer still.

 He is a total drool baby.  The front of him is wet all the time.
 He makes the cutest little baby noises.  He smiles and talks and he has so much to tell us all.
 I don't know how much he weighs right now but I can tell he is growing.  I carry him so much and it's giving me a back ache.
 He loves his siblings.
 He totally giggles now and I LOVE it.  It's kind of deep and sounds like he is gasping for air and we all just start laughing when he does it.
 He is starting to sleep better at night.  He has had a couple of 10-11 hour stretches.  But usually he only goes about 6.  He has never pooped at night, which is weird but I love it.

It has been the best three months with this little guy.
 Monday the Adele and Titus were outside playing and I hear them screaming.  They get along pretty well but do scream on occasion but this was different sounding.  I ran out and found them screaming from fear and pain.  They had disrupted a bees nest, or hornets or wasp or whatever it is that lives in the ground.  Adele got away pretty fast.  I told her to run to the house and take her clothes off.  They were stuck all over their clothes.  She did.  Poor Titus had more trouble getting away.  I grabbed him and ran.  No joking the bees followed us.  I was smacking them off him as I ran.  We got to the house and I took his clothes off too and kept smacking them off.  Garret jumped in and helped with Adele.

I even had to pull one of our Titus's ear.  Then I started pulling out stingers.  I pulled just two off of Adele.  Eight off of Titus.  He had them all over.  While pulling out stingers he told me there was still a bee.  I found another one on his head.  He was so scared.

Finally they were all out and Titus was calming down so I left him to go in the bathroom and pull the stinger out of my eyelid.  It had been there from the time I went to save them (between this and diving in the pool for Spencer, I think I should get Mom of the year).  Since the stinger got me in a sensitive spot and was left in so long my eye swelled up really good.
 I took a picture on Monday.  It didn't turn out very well.  It didn't show how big it got.  I wish I had taken one the next day it got to big I literally couldn't open it.  It got read.  It was just so so ugly.  The next day it was much more swollen and Wednesday it was worse.  It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon it started going down and it wasn't until Friday it was down enough I would go out.  The kids said I was winking a lot.  Like all the time!
 Due to the eye we spend all week at home.  I had planned to go back to school shopping and to parks and anything fun I could think of since we only have a little bit of summer left. Instead we had to have fun at home.  There were some long days but we did find some fun things to do.

Anything outside required a little coaxing to get Titus to participate.  He was worried about bees.  By the end of the week he seems much better.

We picked lots of blackberries and made jam and cobblers.  The kids were big helpers.  Garret told me he was worried about going back to school because I would have to do it all on my own.

We watched a movie on our front porch.  The drive in never had a good kids movie so we had to make do in order to get it crossed off our summer bucket list.
 We canned juice.  My first time using a juicer.  The kids were fascinated by it.

We read books.  Played games.  Went for bike rides.

Titus asked me to take a picture of him with snap peas.  This kid thinks they are the best treat ever.
 Tyler put up a couple shelves in the laundry room.

We played with the kittens we got.  I still need a picture of them.  They are not the friendliest little things but they already caught a mouse so I guess that's good.

One day the kids asked if they could try and survive outside.  They wanted to see if they could stay outside from lunch time until dinner time.  They packed up a backpack with supplies, took a walkie talkie and set out.  They called me a lot on the walkie talkie.  I could see them most of the time but they thought it was great.  They had lots of stories to tell me.  Gideon and I felt a little lost in the quite house!

We watched Gideon play in his jumpy toy.  How cute is he!
 He wasn't quite sure what to think. 
Between the computer problems and the bee stings the week didn't go how I planned but it was a good week.  I love having all the kids home.  I am so sad there is only a week left.  I love that we get to create the schedule.  I love that all the kids get to interact together.  I will miss them when they head back to school.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Tyler, Garret, Spencer, Daniel and Ridge went for a little hiking/ camping trip near Camp Handy Thursday night and Friday.  I have been hearing how wonderful it was (even though it was wet) for the last few days.  I am glad they spent time together, I'm glad that they got to spend time in nature.

Heather, Lillian, Adele, Titus, Gideon and I had fun back at the house.  We ate lots of good food and Heather and I stayed up watching Gone With the Wind.

It was a great couple days.