Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Christmas Countdown Fun

 I feel like I got Christmas already.  My Dad made the most beautiful bookshelf for my library.  I will have to post pictures with books on it.  Empty it doesn't look nearly as bit as it is.  It's awesome, I LOVE it.

Tyler built shelves in our storage room and I know it's just a storage room but it just feels so much better having shelves in there.  I'm feeling pretty spoiled already.

The kids have been doing lots of crafts.  Thanks Aunt Marianne!  It's been really fun- the kids love making them and decorating the house.  Magnets don't stick to our fridge but they do to our garbage can, it looks very festive!

 Every time we drive by the upside down tree, the kids get excited and almost every time someone has added to it.  I have heard there is now a fireplace behind it.  It's been a memorable part of our Christmas this year.
 Our friends at the office bought us tickets to a play in Seattle.  It was called Dick Whittington and his Cat.  I had never heard of it, but it ended up being SO fun.  The kids all really enjoyed it and so did Tyler and I.
 Gideon thought it was pretty neat sitting on Tyler's lap in the car, while we rode the ferry. 
 We were early and walked around the Seattle Center while we waited.

 We made graham cracker houses.  I told the kids to make whatever they wanted.  Adele made a Christmas bed, Titus made an "I don't know what it is", Spencer made a Christmas Fort and Garret made Santa's workshop. 
 Gideon just watched.  Maybe next year he will get to participate.

 We have also been watching Christmas movies, playing basketball and listening to tons of Christmas music.  Tyler and I just watched It's a Wonderful Life.  I remember thinking it was boring as a kid and haven't sat through it since.  It was so good. 
I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I can't complain though, it's been so fun around here! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Fun

 December is flying by.  We have been keeping BUSY!  The kids were in the Church Nativity.

 Tyler sang "Blue Christmas"  not his choice, but lots of fun.
 Santa showed up. Titus saw him in the hall and said "Oh, Oh, Oh Santa is here."  Then he stopped in his tracks and said "His beard is not white"  and would have nothing to do with him.  Adele said she wants an Aurora doll, Garret said Science projects and Spencer said a surprise.

 We put together gifts for neighbors and friends.  I relaxed and let the kids do most of it.  They were not gorgeous but the kids really enjoyed making them.

 Adele and Titus were excited to put a letter in the North Pole express mailbox. 
 Basketball season is in full swing. Garret is on the third/fourth team.  He has friends on the team and is loving it. 
 Spencer is on the first/second team.  Tyler is helping coach.  He is becoming more aggressive and learning a lot.
 Gideon is starting to really enjoy eating.  The kids love it when I let them help.  I usually only let the little ones help if I know Gideon is going to get a bath afterwards.

 Tyler was eating an icecream bar the other night.  Gideon swooped in and got a taste.  He was so cute about it that Tyler let him have a little more.
 We had our office party.  It's always really fun.  Tyler bought a new vest for the occasion.  He looked so handsome!
 All of these ladies are awesome.  We played minute to win it games ate pizza (not the plan, the power was out and the generator was struggling to run the oven and everything else).  Great times.

The power was out because of some crazy winds.  We were told there were record 75 mph gusts.  Tyler was stuck unable to get on the island during the storm because there was a live wire across the road.  He waited in his car for about 4 hours before finally being let across. 

We were out of power for a couple days (we had our generator but tried to ration it a bit).  The kids thought the storm was so exciting,  they even got to miss school, it was canceled.  This tree is near our house.  It is upside down on the wire.  Every time we drove by it people had added more Christmas decorations to it.  The kids thought it was fun.
 Tonight we finally delivered our neighbor and friends gifts.  Some we took to the doors.  The others we doorbell ditched, something the kids look forward to every year.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

 December is here and with it comes lots of Christmas excitement.  We worked on a Christmas puzzle. 
 Put up a tree.  It's going to be a tree we talk about for years to come. When we brought it in and put it in the stand we stood back and looked at it and it was kind of funny shaped.  The top was really wide.  That's the fun of live Christmas trees they are different every time.  Then we started putting lights on and only one string of them worked.  So Tyler bought some the next day.  When we got them out of the box we were surprised to see the lights were one white wires.  The kids were ready for the tree so we put them on anyway.  Then the top lights stopped working and we couldn't get them to work, so Tyler chopped off the whole top.  The tree actually looked better this way.  The kids decorated it and it's not so bad.  It has a lot of character.
 Titus is the perfect age this year.  He is so excited about everything.  Sometimes a little too excited!
 Our elf Clyde seems to have disappeared.  We didn't say anything about his disappearance we thought maybe life would just go on without the elf.  But I broke down and sent for a new elf.  Every morning they were searching for the elf and were so sad to not find him.  This elf showed up today with a note in her hand saying "Clyde was busy, they sent me."  Adele and Titus named her Flower Girl.  Our elf is pretty tame.  They move around everyday but don't get into the mischief making that some other elves do. 
 Garret had a talent show for scouts.  He sang Away in the Manger with Tyler.  They took a video of it for me because I couldn't make it.  The memory was full after fifteen seconds but I could tell they did well.  I thought Garret might be shy but he said it was really fun.

We have been listening to nonstop Christmas music for the last couple weeks.  I love it.  There is a very rowdy version of Hark the Herald Angels on the Pentatonix Christmas CD and whenever it comes on Adele and I dance around the house and belt it out.  So much fun!
 Goober (as we sometimes call him) is starting to get up on his hands and knees.  So far he just pushes himself backwards.  I am hoping he won't really take off until after Christmas.  He thinks he is pretty big stuff though.
 He is going to add lots of Christmas fun this year. 
Looking at the calender I know there is LOTS of busy Christmas fun ahead.  I love this time of year. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gideon's Six Month check up

This little stinker is six and a half months old.  I just got him in for his check up.  He is a healthy growing boy.  He surprised the doctor with all his teeth, did awesome for shots and it turns out he is my skinniest baby!

His stats-

Length 27.5 inches (77%)
Weight 17.2 pounds (35%)
Head 45.7 cm (95%)

Love this growing boy.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beck Christmas Party

 Friday morning was spent relaxing.  Then the kids went out and helped with some burn piles, played in the woods and played in the clubhouse.

Titus stayed in and helped decorate for Christmas.  Everything he saw he was excited about.  He was a good little Christmas helper.  He was a little confused because he thought it was Christmas.
 The sisters went out and did a little shopping.  Then we had an early dinner.  After dinner the fun started.

There was a fishing pond for the kids.

 We did a while elephant gift exchange.  The kids were first.  They all enjoyed it. 
 Titus thought it was his turn every time and would get excited every time.  He was number 13 so there was a lot of waiting for him.

 The adults did a little more trading.  There were a lot of really great gifts.  Some practical and some just for fun!
 It was a really fun party.  The kids did some artwork decorations for Grandma and Grandpa.
 That night the adults went to see a movie and the kids all had fun having another sleepover.  It didn't seem like it could get any better...but then we woke up to SNOW.  Titus was really sure it was Christmas now.   His excitement could not be contained. 
 They spent the morning playing out in the snow.

 Grandpa helped them find some "Christmas Clothes" as Titus called them.

 Then everyone said goodbye.
Garret said in his prayers "help us not be too sad that we won't see our cousins for a long time."  It was a very busy and fun weekend. 

We picked up a tree on the way home and we are all feeling the Christmas excitement.