Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kid Update

This kid has been a super helper this summer. Quick to help clean, help with the baby and all his little siblings. He has moments where he forgets they are smaller and wrestles and tackles them too much but overall he is just a nice, nice kid. He is lots of fun too because even though he is almost ten and growing and maturing he is still a kid. He loves star wars figurines, loves reading books and acting them out, he still dresses up and climbs trees. It is fun to watch his imagination work. This summer some of his highlights were reading Harry Potter, playing outside (lots of coyote hunting), spending time with family. He always gets so sad when good times end. He has a sensitive heart and feels everything. He learned to mow lawns and change diapers this summer! He loves summer and wishes it could last forever.

This bright kid has been into collecting things and learning new things. He is forever bringing things into the house to keep that I think are garbage or meant for outside. He loves rocks and plants and trash that has potential to become something. He is patient and artistic. He got into wood burning this summer and if he sticks with it he will master it before long. He has grown a lot and can hold his own pretty well with Garret when they wrestle each other. He is a reader and spent much of the summer with a nose in a book. He wishes he could do home school next year and not have to go school (he does great when he is there). I would love to have him around all the time. He is so good natured and easy going and full of deep and fun thoughts.

My tom boy with a tutu. Fits in so well with the boys but longs to have a girl to play with. She has run around bare foot all summer, climbs trees, usually has ratty hair and scratched legs will come in and put on a dress up dress and dance and sing for all of us. She has four missing teeth right now, her smile is infectious. She is a little mother always quick to help with Gideon. She carries him around, knows what he likes and how to make him giggle. She is excited to stay home next year and spent it with the babies and with her brother. It was a hard decision to keep her home but it feels right. (We don't know what will happen with Titus, he may be find for years and years to come but we decided it was an easy year to keep her home and we will never regret the memories they will get to make together.) She is very outgoing and friendly, makes friends everywhere she goes. She loves to draw and color. She loves to write notes to people and leave them for everyone to find. She is learning new things all the time and excited about everything around her.

This kid is a trooper. There have been moments that have been challenging for him this summer but overall he has handled all the changes remarkably well. Through it all he has remained a "likable kid" (as a friend called him the other day). We are finding that some things are extra hard for him now- he needs his sleep! He has found the bright side of most of his experience. There is something about him that has always worked its way into people's hearts. When he comes down in the morning and climbs on my lap it just melts my heart. This summer he has been very into knock-knock jokes, lego's  coloring and whatever his big siblings are doing. He makes us laugh constantly. He loves showing off his accomplishments. He has a bit of a temper at times (especially if he doesn't get sleep). He is my perfect little mischief maker!

The baby for another couple weeks. This kids toothy grin is adorable. It's so so so cute. He still doesn't walk. He stands up on his own and will stand forever playing with things but when he wants to move to another place he sits down and crawls. One of these days he will master it, in the meantime we think his crawling is pretty cute. He has had to be patient a lot, waiting for things, riding around on other kids errands, sitting in his chair while I handled doctor phone calls. I feel guilty for it often, but then I see that cute smile and see all the love he gets being a part of this big crazy family and I think he will be alright. He is a good little eater, an excellent sleeper and a great little kisser (his latest trick).  He is starting to say words. The ones he says clearly are Night-night, bye, mama, dada, kitty, no no and uh-oh. He can be very dramatic and even throws himself on the floor when he is upset. It's very cute and comical. He still sucks his thumb. He hates diaper changes. He has an obsession with his "angel bear" and can't sleep well without it. He is at a busy age and with my pregger body it can be challenging....and yet when I look at him I am often overwhelmed with emotion. I can not believe I ever thought we were complete without him. He is such an important part of our world.

New Baby-
Baby #6 is just three weeks from arriving- how did that happen? I am very excited to meet this new addition. I am also very scared. I was nervous about having two so close together and now with all the medical stuff it feels like a lot. But whenever I feel overwhelmed I remember how strongly I felt that we were suppose to have another baby. From the minute Gideon was born I just knew there was another baby to come. The feeling only grew and grew. Knowing this baby was meant to be in our family makes me even more excited to meet him. It makes me feel and know that things will work out, that I will be able to manage it all. This baby may be a miracle, giving his cord blood to Titus. Or maybe he won't even be a match--but either way he was meant to join our family. The timing of it all manifests that to me. He is a wiggly little guy, always kicking and squirming. Titus calls him Marvo and Spencer calls him Frederick. We don't know what his name will be yet but it's always fun watching the kids excitement. 

These kids just keep growing and changing. There is no way to capture it all. There are moments of utter chaos, moments of blissful joy. There are moments when I wish we could slow it all down and freeze time and moments when I can't wait to see what they do and say next. I hope I always remember this busy hectic time of our lives. I wish there were a way to capture it all, capture the essence of it all. It's hard and tiring and fun and exciting. I can not imagine anything I would rather work hard for then this family and these kids. They are the best!

Monday, August 24, 2015


 A while back we went blueberry picking. The kids were good little helpers. Sadly someone stepped on Spencer's bag so I paid for some smashed berries. The outting was fun though.

 On a trip to Shelton we visited the Bennetts. The kids thought the jeeps were great. Titus went as fast as they would go and he and Wesley screamed the entire time. A video would have been priceless.
 Friends from church threw me a baby shower. Being baby number six I had no expectations of one but it was a wonderful evening and I appreciated so much all the love I felt and it was so nice spending a night being excited for the new baby (less than a month!).
 We have been eating all kinds of fruit lately. Peaches, pears, nectarines. Gideon is a big fan of the plums. Somehow he ends up with it everywhere.

Friday, August 21, 2015

4 year old Titus

Titus's four year old well child check was pushed back several times due to other doctor's appointments. I finally took him in today only to have them tell me they weren't sure they should give him shots so until they talk to the specialist we will wait- I had him all prepped for it too!  He was in a funny mood today and was entertaining everyone with his jokes and story telling. Afterwards he told me he thought he should get to go out with me after even though he didn't get shots because he would have been brave. How do you argue with that?

The little guy weighted 42.8 pounds (87%) was 3 feet 8.5 inches (99%) his head was 20.5 centimeters (98%). He is a big tall guy.

Sadly his hearing test didn't go so well. We are hoping it's because of wax buildup but just to be safe he will have follow up hearing tests.  He said the eye and ear tests were so much fun. I don't think he will mind doing them again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Love Looks Like

Yesterday Garret was standing by me pealing peaches.  The other kids were on the trampoline with Gideon. We started chatting about the coming school year. He told me he thought it was unfair that Adele got to stay home (we decided that with Titus's future so uncertain another year of them having fun together wouldn't hurt anything- thoughts on that later). I felt like he was bit enough to understand more than we had told him so I explained our decision and without giving him scary statistics just told him there was  a chance that Titus would have to have a bone marrow transplant and that would make it hard for him to play and have fun for a while. Garret asked lots of questions and I answered him.

I looked over after explaining a bone marrow transplant to him and he was sitting on the floor. He said he was going to pass out. He finally calmed down and we talked more. Soon the other kids came in and he went out and pushed Gideon around the drive way in the stroller. When he came in from that he said "I had time to think and even if it hurts I would give my bone marrow to Titus."

The other kids were around so they started asking what he was talking about and I gave the younger version to them. Spencer said "yeah, I would do that too. If he needed it."

Then Adele said "I would to. If they could put me to sleep first because I would be so scared."

Looking at my room full of kids all willing to suffer for their brother I felt so proud of them. I told them that it may never happen but to almost remember that they were willing to do something so brave for their brother. I hope and pray they never have to, but I am so glad they are growing into the type of kids that would.

There are beautiful moments that have taught me so much this last month and a half. Moments I hope I can remember always.

Monday, August 17, 2015

August Get Together

 Tyler's family all came for a visit. Over the course of a week there was lots of fun memories made. Some of the highlights were fishing (Tyler finally caught a salmon), a giant water slide, croquet, crafts, legos, water fights (Titus got Grandma) and games.  Everyone had lots of fun.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer update

 Thursday we went and visited my Aunt and Uncle and their kids and grandkids. We had a great visit. We spent the night in a hotel and everyone crashed. The next morning was an early one. The kids were so excited that they all got bracelets at the hospital this time! The boys had blood work done. They were all so brave. After having his blood taken Garret passed out on me in the hall. I laid him down and got help. He woke up stunned but once he was feeling better he thought it was a pretty great story. Spencer was in the cafeteria and just about passed out. Luckily Tyler swooped him up and took him back up to a bed to lay down. Gideon did great- no passing out and not many tears!

After our hospital adventures we explored the pacific science center. It was really hot and my feet and hands felt like fat pregnant lady feet and hands. Despite waddling around I enjoyed the afternoon with the kids.

Titus got a blister on his foot. I dug through my diaper bag but couldn't find any bandaids. I found a pair of Gideon's socks and put them on him (he was wearing crocs) Then I put a nursing pad that had somehow been in there since Gideon was a newborn. It's funny we improvise and make things work. He walked around fine after that.

 While the kids were in the planetarium with Tyler I took Gideon to the baby area. He splashed in the water most of the time and thought it was great fun.

 The butterfly pavilion was my favorite. They were everywhere. Titus, Garret and I all had one land on us.

 Near the pavilion a display of bug food was laid out. Tyler told Titus he would have to start eating bugs since he has to eat a special diet. Tyler though the was going to gross out Titus. All Titus said was "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." He is such a good sport!

 Saturday we got a few chores done around our house and then the big boys planned a bbgun and archer tournament. They missed the last day of day camp and decided they wanted to have a competition still.
 Garret was the bbgun winner.

 Adele and Spencer tied the archery.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Fun

 Our summer has not been normal and at times it hasn't even felt like our usual carefree summer we have still managed to have some fun.  We are learning a lot about seizing the moments we have.  A few recent highlights-

Titus thought getting a matching bracelet as his bunny was pretty cool. Children's hospital is amazing.

After a long day at the hospital we went bowling. It was one of those moments when it would have been easier to say "let's just go home" but the kids wanted to bowl and ended up being a fun time.

 I turned my back for a second while the kids finger painted and the next thing I know they are covered in it. There only explanation was "you said it was washable."

 The drive in was on our summer check list. And Titus told us he really wanted to watch a movie in the car. There aren't many kid movies this summer so when we saw that the Shelton drive in had Minions playing we packed up the car and drove all the way there. Gideon slept at Grandma's and we partied late into the night.
 Garret and Titus have been special friends this summer (and always). Garret has been teaching him to ride the two wheeled scooter and shoot a bow and arrow. They have played legos a ton together and they usually pick each other for partners for jobs. Garret is extremely patient with Titus.

We bought side walk paint before school even got out and finally used it. At first we tried to keep Gideon out of it...then we decided it was washable and just watched him have fun.

 After the sidewalk mess Tyler sprayed the kids off with the hose. Titus's facial expressions were so classic we had to snap some pictures. When he is wearing just his underwear he says he is in his "London's" (because of the I see London, I see France, I see Titus underpants saying).

 There has been other fun too. The boys are at scout day camp this week, we have read books together, played outside, done art projects and gone to the playground. I am grateful for the little moments- the ones when they are all together and happy.