Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Games

 For Mondays family night we had played "Halloween Games" for activity.  First we made each other into mummies, then we played a candy toss game and we finished off with a dark and spooky game of Hide and Go seek.  Somewhere in there they had a bit of a toilet paper fight!  They had a great time. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Fun

 This little stinker has top teeth now.  He is a total drool baby and is always soaked.  He sometimes is wet all the way to his toes. 

The big kids (usually) love helping with Gideon. 
 When I was trying to get a decent picture of him he was so wet and red and blotchy and he would do bug eyes when I tried to take a  picture.  They all turned out so bad.  All of my kids have gone through this phase where they just don't take good pictures.  But trust me---Gideon is one cute baby. 

Lately he is called Giddy a lot.  Sometiems Giddy-goo, which turned into Goo. 
 We carved pumpkins this weekend.  The big boys pretty much did theirs on their own, with just a little supervision.  The little kids required a bit more help.  They didn't think they needed it but we weren't ready to just let them have free reign on the knives.

 They were all pretty happy with how they turned out.  If I can just remember to get candles we can see what they look like in the dark.

 The office has a pumpkin carving contest every year.  Tyler worked hard on his.  The kids think it looks like "Mike" from Monsters Inc. 
 On Sunday the kids had their Primary Program at church.  Adele wore her hair in curlers the night before so she would be extra curly.  I stuck a pair of underwear (clean) on her head to hold the curlers in.  She always thinks this is SO funny.

The program went really well.  All the kids did great.  Before the program I told Adele to be sure and smile.  She took me pretty seriously.  She smiled the entire time, even while singing her heart out.  If you have seen her sing she gets pretty into it, add a plastered on smile while singing and I had the hardest time not laughing.  She is just so darn cute!
It was a busy weekend but a nice one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Adele loses a tooth

This girl just turned 5 two weeks ago.  She told us she had a lose tooth the other day and today she decided she was ready to have it out and she wanted to get it out before the boys or Tyler got home so she could surprise them.

She was determined!
 She went for the good old floss method.  She yanked and yanked. 

 She was silly some of the time and really serious about it other times.  Titus kept saying "just do it Deli, just do it". 

 Finally she decided she wanted to take the string off and take a break.  I "helped" her get it off and whoops the tooth came with it.  She was thrilled. 

 So excited she had to call people and tell them.  So much for a surprise.  She feels so big now. She said she is already to have "grown up teeth and do grown up things".

 Such a cute little smile.  Awkward tooth stage here we come!
 She gets to sleep with the Elf tonight.  She has been wanting to do this since Garret lost his first tooth. 

 It was an exciting day for her.  And for all of us.  It is always fun watching them experience something new.  We love our little "toothless".

Monday, October 20, 2014

October Fun

We spent most of the week catching up from our trip.  We mowed grass, did laundry, lots of homework and tried to catch up on sleep.  By the time the weekend rolled around we were ready to mix it up a little.  

We had our friends the Bennetts up for a visit.  The kids all had fun together.  Adele especially loved having a girl to play with.  We decorated Halloween cookies (I haven't done anything holidayish so it was good to sneak something in).
 Mostly the kids just played and the adults visited.  It was a really nice day we are so glad they made the drive up here and wish the lived closer.
 That night the kids had a sleepover in the basement with Tyler.  I stayed up where I could hear Gideon.  They had fun and were really excited about it.  I love how the little things make them smile.
 Titus covered his eyes when I told him to "close his eyes and go to sleep".  Pretty much everything this kid does is fun right now (aside from the occasional attack on a sibling- he has a feisty side).
 Tonight we went to a close by place and picked out a pumpkin.  With only one more weekend before Halloween and it already booked up we knew we wouldn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year.  They were still excited to pick one out even if there were no hayrides or games.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vacation Day 10 and 11

 Saturday we hit the road again.  We don't expect to drive through California very often so we took the scenic route.  We spent the morning exploring the Redwoods.  It was beautiful.  The trees were huge.  I didn't even get pictures of the largest trees we saw.  I am so glad we took the time to see them.

 I want one of these tree houses hidden back in our woods. It was so cool!

 We stopped a couple places to explore a little.  The kids kept saying "look at this one", "look at that one".

 God certainly created some amazing things.

For lunch we stopped in Eureka.  We stopped at the oldest lumber cookhouse.  They still serve it like a cookhouse.  They just make a lot of one type of food and then feed you a lot of it.  We loved it.

 Then we drove and drove.  The kids ran around some when Gideon had to eat.  The views were gorgeous.  We saw more big trees, big waves and big elk.
 We decided to stop in time to get some good sleep.  We stopped in Oregon and the kids swam some. We got dinner.  Then we went to go and get some things from the car...but the keys  were gone.  So we searched the hotel room.  Really searched it.  No luck.  We retraced our steps.  Got a flashlight and looked in the car.  No luck.  The lady in the front office said that her Dad would help us unlock the car (the keys had to be in there somewhere).  But he didn't get off until 1:30.  So much for an early night.  Tyler stayed up and met the man.  He had it unlocked quickly.  Tyler searched the car , no keys.  He came back in around 2:00 am.  He began looking through the room again.  The keys were in the refrigerator.  Kids!!!  In the morning we said "did someone put something in the fridge?" Titus lights up.  "I did".  He runs over to look in and says "It's gone now".  He was so excited to show us what he had put in there.  Silly kid. 

Our drive today was the longest.  I think because we were go tired.  But we made it home.  It was a wonderful vacation.  We made such great memories.  We didn't spend much time thinking about dentistry or school or any of our normal day to day things.  We just played.  We feel so blessed that we were able to get away for a little while.  And now it's nice to be home.