Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We always think it is fun having people guess when our babies will come.  We are getting close enough that now is the time.  Leave a comment with the date, the time and the weight of the new addition and we will see who comes closest!

The due date is early May and as for weight our other babies have all been between 8 lbs 14 oz and 9lbs 14 oz (but you never know).

We are getting very excited to meet him...he still doesn't have a name so if you have any great suggestions feel free to leave those as comments too!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Friday we were lucky enough to have Leah and her family in town.  The kids had such a great time playing....sadly every camera battery that I found was dead.  So there are very few photos to show for the fun.

Luckily I did get a pic. of Leah with Kan Jam showing off her first ever through the slot in the front win.  She was pretty proud (as she should be, it doesn't happen very often).  

 The kids played in the sun all afternoon and evening.  Then to Adele's great delight she got to have her cousins sleep in her room.  She is always jealous of the boys and the fact that they get to share their room so this was pretty special for her.
 Saturday they headed to my parents and I got ready and went to a baby shower.  Some of the ladies from church threw a shower for me and another friend that.  She is due a little after me.  The food was delish and the company better.  I felt very spoiled...and grateful.  (And HUGE looking at the pictures really made me ready to have this guy and get rid of the baby weight...but I am getting nervous for labor....more on that later).
 It was a lovely morning and I am very thankful for all the work that went into it.
 Saturday afternoon we colored eggs and cleaned house and watched movies.  Nothing too exciting but we did it together.

I didn't take a single picture on Easter but we enjoyed a quite Easter together (everyone wished we had gone to Anna and Marc's house like normal- next year).  But we still had a good day.  We went to church, ate yummy food and watched the testaments.  Most importantly we talked about our Savior and all that he has done for us.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring, Spring, Spring

There is a song in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers about Spring.  When I wake up and the sun in shining I want to sing it!  It feels like we made it, we survived the rainy weather (I know it's Washington, there will be more) but Spring still feels great.  We have been busy mowing lawns and cleaning up after winter.  

My Dad came up and took Garret for a little Kayak adventure.  He loved it.

 My cousin Ambur was visiting too.  We played on the beach while they kayaked.  It was so nice seeing her and the kids loved hunting for crabs with her.

 Everyday (literally) we have a fresh bouquet of flowers, sometimes lots of bouquets of flowers.  Adele picks and picks and picks.  It's so sweet.
 Spencer has been begging to go to the bug museum.  We finally went today.  The people that own the place are really nice and make it lots of fun for the kids.  It's great having it close because our kids can enjoy the reptiles and bugs without having to own them.  I'm ok with the caterpillars and butterflies but no thanks on tarantulas and snakes.

 Adele is absolutely fearless.  She held the snake over and over again.  She thought it was hilarious when it slithered around her neck.
 After the bug museum we made a quick stop at a park.  It was  a little crowded for our kids taste but they did enjoy their time on the teeter totter.

 There was a beach nearby that was pretty peaceful.  That was more to their taste.

The sun in staying up longer and making more appearances.  It's a great time of year!

***The only sad thing lately is that our pregnant cat that we LOVE has gone missing.  It's been a week since we have seen her and although we all wish so much that she would return we know she likely will not.  She was such a good mouser, loved the kids but wasn't underfoot, and she was the kitten we spend so much time getting friendly.  It's sad for us and sad helping the kids get over it.  We love you Copper!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break Fun

We always do March Madness Brackets as a family.  Tyler and I help the kids pick out all of their teams.  When we got to Titus we were a little lazy and said "do you want to pick the top teams or the bottom teams?", he said top. We circled all the top teams in each match up.  We already know he won and it's not even over.  The winner got to pick a book or a movie.  He picked a Tom and Jerry.  The kids laugh the entire time.

 We decided to take a mini vacation for spring break.  With the new baby coming it might be a while before we do one again.  We got tickets to opening night of the minor league team.  We go to some kind of baseball game every year for Tyler's birthday.  Since the baby is due close to his birthday we were counting this.  The game was rained out.  They called it a delay for an hour (we were pretty wet).  We finally left and as we drove out they set off the fireworks that they had for opening night.  We watched them from the car.  I think they should have given some warning so we would have stuck around five minutes longer.  Tyler will have to take the kids to another one now.

 We stayed the night in Tacoma.  The kids think hotels are pretty awesome.  They all slept really well.

They were in the pool by 8:30 and swam all morning.
 The afternoon was spent at the zoo.

 The zoo is nice but I feel like it is missing some of the animals we like to see.  I miss the Buffalo zoo.  But we  had a great time.

 They went back in the pool for a while in the afternoon.  Titus was finally brave enough to move around the pool without us holding him.  he looked so cute treading around in his life jacket.
 Adele was her normal fearless self.  She jumped in over and over again.  She did tricks while she jumped in and was a regular little fish.  I think she needs some more lessons, this girl likes the water.
 The big boys loved it too.  They were all over the place and loved that the pool was only 4 1/2 feet at it's deepest.
 They crashed again.  Titus was so cute.  I looked over and he was sitting up then he slowly fell over.  Funny kid!
Today we headed for home, warn out but happy from the fun time together.  We had to hurry back because the antique store (that I LOVE) was getting a new shipment and I have been waiting for this shipment forever.  Tyler told me way back in January that I could pick something for my birthday.  I found it today and it's gorgeous.  It's a sideboard that sits in our landing and I filled it with the kids books.  You will all just have to stop by and see it!  Well worth the wait- Happy Birthday to me!

The day just kept up it's greatness.  We got to watch General Conference (semi-annual meeting for the whole church, the Prophet and apostles speak- so awesome).  We get to continue watching tomorrow.  Great way to wrap up spring break.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunshine and Beaches

This Spring break has started off with gorgeous weather.  The kids spent most of the day outside.  We even explored a beach we had not been to before.  The kids never get tired of the beaches.  They played and dug and got their shoes stuck in the mud and had to be dragged away from it at dinner time.  They were happy muddy messes by the end.  We asked them at dinner what their favorite part of the day was and they all said different things but they each picked something they had done outside.  Hopefully the sun sticks around!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Starts....

Friday night the kids had a "sleepover" in the basement.  It was the spring break kick-off event.  Adele picked The Sound of Music and they stayed up late watching it and finally fell asleep.  Titus was so good about staying in his sleeping bag with the big kids...he slept so good that he had one of his first ever night time accidents- uh-oh!

 Saturday my Mom and her sisters stopped by.  I felt very lucky to get to have a houseful of such great women.  I don't get to see any of them very often.  We usually only visited Utah once a year growing up and since being married I have seen them less than that.  Even though we didn't see each other often I have great memories with each of them.  Aunt Kathy was the first person to take me to Temple Square,Aunt Jodee used to let us sleep in her "tent trailer" with her girls every year, Aunt Jeanette had four wheelers at her house and her daughter Tenaya liked to show off her driving skills, Aunt Gayle baked cakes and let us all decorate them and Aunt Marianne and her kids went to the zoo with us a couple years in a row.  I could go on and on about our fun Utah Aunts and the great memories we made over the years.  It was lots of fun seeing them for a couple hours this Saturday.

 Spencer finished a unit on Native Americans and brought home some of his art.  We decided it was something we couldn't keep forever (it actually didn't make it very long after the picture because Titus decided to take it apart).
We have lots of plans for the week and are all excited to spend it together.