Monday, February 16, 2015

Garret's writing assignment

Garret wrote this at school and brought it home.  He could pick whatever he wanted to write about and this is what he wrote-

My Dad, Tyler Fordham is somebody I love.  Here are several reasons why, my Dad sets good goals.  He keeps goals that he sets.  He makes goals that help himself and other people.  My Dad shows patience everyday.  He shows patience in everything he does.  he shows patience even when days get hard.  My Dad shows service in many ways.  He has a job that provides money and food.  Every Christmas he gives food and money to other people.  My Dad shows cooperation when we work on family projects.  He also shows it when he works with people at his office.  I admire my Dad for all of the ways he helps us and other people.

I am so grateful that Tyler is someone the kids look up to and can try to be like.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Family update

 Adele and Titus had a "Tea party".  They dressed as Mickey and Minnie and thought it was so special.  Adele ate so much she said "My belly is so big".  Titus said "Maybe it's a baby."  Adele so "No it's not."  and then Titus in his funny way said "Oh, Yah.  We have to marry first."

 Adele loves dressing up and spends many days as a princess or pioneer.  She dances and sings through the house. 
 When she has her pioneer dress on she loves to run outside and roll across the yard.  I watch out the window and just smile, is there any better way to spend a childhood?!
 Gideon is obsessed with hair.  He LOVES sucking his thumb while grasping my hair.  If someone else is around he will settle for their hair.

 The kids have been "Secret cupids" for each other and have loved being as sneaky as they can.  They give little gifts and lots of homemade treasures.
 Garret and Spencer decided to practice baseball the other night.  Spencer came in with a huge smile and asked if we saw anything different about, yeah!  It's gone down a little but was pretty impressive.  He said if his forehead looks purple he is going to say it's for valentines day. 

 Adele has been writing everything she can.  During her nap time she just writes down things from books that are by her.  It usually makes no sense but she works at it diligently.

Titus loves coming up to me and singing " since when did you become my mudder."  A line from a Newsies song.  He thinks it's so funny when I sing back that I've always been his mudder.

Adele said to me "I love pretending I have a friend named Sara or Charlotte."  I asked what she liked doing with them.  She said first she tells them that they are pretend then they play together and talk.

When I put music on Adele likes to dance.  Titus will say " are we marry dancing or crazy dancing? "

Garret is loving the Rangers Apprentice books and if the weather is decent he is outside with his bow pretending he is a Ranger.  He wants a cloak so bad.  I love his imagination.

Gideon is on the move.  anytime i turn around he is somewhere else.

Titus is my most destructive child ever.  He is very innocent about it but he seems to always be breaking things and causing trouble.  He is so hard to be upset with but sometimes that cutie can wear me out.

We have been working on the attic and the kids will spend hours up there.  Singing and playing.  I think Titus has been up there the most.  If Tyler or my Dad go up he just goes with them and plays with scrap pieces of wood and loves it.

Garret and Spencer both got report cards and they both did great.  I love the teachers comments about what great kids they are.

Everyone is doing great around here.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Surprise Weekend

 My Little Sister Leah turned 30!  We are all in our thirties now.  We decided a while back that we should surprise her for her birthday.  Stephanie flew in and the rest of us (Anna couldn't make it) drove to her house to surprise her. 

Mom held a cake on her lap the whole way.  We knocked on the door and she was literally speechless!  Success.

After that there was lots of Birthday wishes, baby holding and girl time.

 Joe watched all the kids so we could go to lunch.
 It was yummy and fun going out kid free.
 There was WAY too much junk food eatin.
 Some afternoon shopping.

A girls night jammie party.

 We ate more junk, asked each other girl trivia questions and watched a chick flick.

 We stayed up so late both nights and then most of us had to get up with babies during the night.  We were exhausted.
 But it was Totally worth it.  It was so fun getting together.  So great celebrating Leah.  I feel so blessed to have such an awesome family.  Happy Birthday Leah- Love you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Update

 We spent a lot of January being sick, but we have managed to have some fun.  Gideon learned to clap the day after he recovered from his sickness and has been clapping since.

War was a popular game.  They seem to play it over and over and over, until they are burnt out and then it gets forgotten.  It was new again and they were loving it.
 Gideon had no appetite for a week but has since found it again and is enjoying trying lots of new foods.
 He still is not crawling, but he manages to get around.  He rolls and scoots and pivots.  Lots of times he just sits and plays with whatever we give him.
 Garret was sick the other Sunday.  He missed church but I was happy to see him reading his scriptures on his own.  He is well into the Book of Alma.  It's a great sight, him reading the word of the Lord.
 Gideon is kind of attached to me,  which can be really hard, but it also makes me feel pretty special when he gives me his big toothy smile every time he sees me.
 The boys had a day off of school and I assigned them each a kid to teach.  They all liked having a big sibling teacher and I just sat back and watched. 

 Spencer LOVES science.  He planted some seeds the other day and is watching the tops and the bottoms grow.  He really gets into it.  He says he wants to be a dentist and live right by us.  Which I think would be awesome...but he is good at lots of things, so who knows.
 Adele and Titus usually play really well.  They have become really good buddies.  They spend lots of time together when the kids are at school and they are really creative and cute together.
Today when the kids got home they all played basketball and jumped together on the trampoline.  I held Giddy and watched out the window.  They were all so happy and I felt so blessed.  It's busy having so many little people around but I love them all so much.  Our lives are good!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Family fun Weekend

We had a great weekend, sadly my camera battery was dead so I don't have many pics to show for it.  But we had fun visiting Dan and Heather, my parents, Leah and Joe (and baby Cicily).

We also fit in a trip to the temple and a movie, Paddington, which was actually pretty cute.  It was nice getting away and visiting people we love.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dress Up

 All the kids love dressing up. It's always cute, but some days are extra fun.  Spencer told me he was a cowboy jedi. 

Another time Titus and Adele were up in her room.  He came down in 0-6 months clothes because he was a baby. 

That same day he came down in a newborn nightgown.  It looked like a tight mini skirt on him.  Funny kid!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


 Titus graduated from Nursery and is now part of the Primary at church.  I was a little nervous for how he would do.  Sitting still is not always his strong suit.  He did perfect.  He sat quietly and participated.