Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We finally started the blog!

Now the question is what does a person blog about?. . . Since our lives seem to revolve around our twenty month old bundle of energy. I guess we will start with him!!! Garret has been loving the summer- his daddy is home more, the sun is out and he gets to play in the pool!

Since our next baby is due in two weeks- Aaaahhh!!! we have been trying to get in lots of family time before going out gets more complicated (how does a person even go to the grocery store with two babies?- I guess I will find out). We went strawberry picking yesterday and then made homemade jam together- Garret seemed to really enjoy eating the strawberries I am not sure he is the most effective berry picker.

We love the people we have met here in Buffalo. We went to Crystal beach the other day with everyone, it is officially one of the most fun places in the area. I have a feeling we will be
spending lots of time there this summer. If Garret had his way he would be spending all his time in the water with his friend Ella!

The last few days have been as near to blissful as any ever, it a shame we know that summer will end and the Buffalo winter and Dental school will be back before we know it!


Dick&Erica said...

Hooray!!! You will notice that you will start seeing things in your day as potential blog entries. It's kind of consuming. But I'm excited that now your fam can see what you guys are up to. Happy blogging!

Dave & Briste's Blah Blah Blah said...

Yay, good job team. Welcome to blogsville. Tyler, I have to admit that I've had a crush on you since the beginning. Please don't feel like you need to tell Rachel, but I love studying with you. You're hot!

Love Dave.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa & Grandma love all the pictures. Garret & Ella look pretty cute together... Now we know what a blog is! Great job!

sarahjohn said...

Yeah, I am so happy you gave into the temptation of blogging. Don't worry it is fun, and you will find so mnay things to blog about, its kinda sad. I love all the pictures!!

Kristen said...

yay! another blog for me to read!! and erica is right - your life will soon become "oooh I have to put that on the blog" and you will take more pictures!
TWO WEEKS! that was fast! good luck with everything - sad we will miss seeing the new one right away, but he'll still be teeny when we get back!

steph said...

yay! i'm glad you've joined the addicting world of blogging!! i check my comments all the time and check everyone's blogs constantly. you may be a little busy in a few weeks though!!

christy said...

if you like to write or vent or take pictures, even a little bit, then the blog is the thing for you!plus others can tell how to do it right the next time, hee hee. oh, when our baby #2 showed up i started the late night shopping spree. i thought it was too hard to shop with them once movement became possible, but i have a hard time letting my kids run around too far away from me. do you need any meals? or help with garrett?