Saturday, July 7, 2007

My version of the story

Because Big babies run in our family and because I have a wedding to go to in a couple weeks we decided that we would not risk having Spencer come a week late. We went in on the night of the fourth to be induced. They were going to put cervadel on and let it sit for 12 hours then induce me the morning of the fifth. However when I got to the hospital I was dilated to a two so they decided to start me on petosin. They started that at about 8 o'clock. The pain was not too bad for a while so I waited on the epidural. Tyler and I played cribbage (I won by the way). Things started to pick up as time went by. I finally asked for the epidural around 10:30 (I think- this is when it starts to get fuzzy). They called the anesthesiologist and said he would be there soon. Then things went from bad to awful really fast. Spencer had a knot in his umbilical cord so in order for him to still get air I had to stay on my left side the entire time. I kept ask for the epidural and at first they were pretty optimistic then pretty soon I see them wheel in the cart with the baby stuff and the residents put on full scrubs. You would think at this point I would have realized that I was not getting an epidural but I kept asking. Anyway it never came, my doctor didn't even make it- he left when I was a five to be there in time but didn't get there until just after I had him. It went so fast in the end and little Spencer was born at 12:07. He was healthy and so cute and little. It was amazing how fast I forgot the awful pain of pushing. But next time I am going in and saying give me the epidural now. I got quite a few stitches again but they seem to be healing pretty well. We came home from the hospital the afternoon of the 6th. We were anxious to have our family all together. It was hard being away from Garret. He loves his new brother and tries to help a lot. I am so grateful my parents were able to stay with him so Tyler could be with me. Tyler was amazing at the hospital- he was so worried he wouldn't know what to say to help me with the pain but he did so great and he is the cutest dad in the whole world. I am so glad he doesn't have to head back to dental school for another month. Hopefully that was enough details but not too many to gross anyone out!

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Lindsey said...

YAY BABY! I am so excited! He is so cute! YAY for you guys. The Phillips family send lots of love and soon a package! Love you all!