Monday, July 16, 2007

Not just any bump!

Garret had a little accident!

Other news;

Tyler recently got a power saw and him and my Dad did an amazing job fixing up our carport. I will have to post pictures later. We went to canal fest and Tyler took Garret on the giant slide. He loved it! Spencer is growing way to fast he weighed in on thursday at 9-3. Garret weighed 30 pounds. My babies are so big!


Kristen said...

wow- that's a BIG bump on his head! what happened? looks like the canal festival was fun - we may go stop by sometime this week.
I bet you are sad to see your family go - and I bet they are sad to leave you and your cute family.


Anonymous said...

Tyler, Rachel, Garret and Spencer,

We all just want to thank-you for for being such a great little family & letting us have so much fun with our 2 little grandsons & nephews... Thank-you for everything, we hope Leah & Joe have a wonderful wedding day... Little Garret, Grandma & Grandpa definitely want "MORE PLEASE"!!!
We love you all,
Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Trenton, Aunt Tia & Uncle Michael

P.S. We will be thinking about you all the way back to Colorado...

"Wo Dude" we love you