Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Most people will not appreciate this entry- however those of you that know my parents well will! When my parents got here we immediately began spending our evenings playing cards- Hearts to be specific. My parents happen to be exceptionally good hearts players- which is why these statistics say a lot about how well I played this visit with my parents. On to the statistics-


Rachel- 4

Tyler- 1

Mom- 2

Dad- 3

How many times we each shot the moon-

Rachel- 4

Tyler- 2 (one was on accident- how does that happen?)

Mom- 1


It looks like I was the champion- However if someone else was writing this entry other details would be included-

for example: Mom would like it noted that she thinks Dad is a deciever (actually an evil deciever) when he plays cards.
Dad would include that he thinks one of my wins was a "gift from Mom"

And Tyler would say that he got dealt very bad cards until the last game- but whoever wins the last game has the final win and that is the most important.

Since I wrote this I will just leave it at this- the bottom line is I WON!!!

I will miss our games - til next time.


Debbie said...

Everyone that reads this part about the hearts games is probably wondering if Rachel would have written all of this if her mom had been the big winner, (which she usually is!). My guess is - NO, she would not of mentioned a thing! But that's okay, I can handle it.

Ashlee said...

Way to go Rach!
And I don't think people in your family "let" others win...