Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Back to School

Tyler had orientation all this week, he was gone quite a bit but not as much as he will be gone this coming week. It gave me a chance to really test my parenting of two ability. Pretty much I need a nanny- but everyone is alive and well and since we can't afford a nanny I guess we will just have to wing it. It was a good week though. There are a lot of social events during orientation week. We went to BBQ's and ice cream socials, Tyler played in a baseball game (he hit the winning ball !). Tyler and I played volleyball on Saturday. I am pretty out of shape but it was a lot of fun. I really miss the game. I am so glad that I played growing up. Not only do I love the game but I have a lot of great memories playing (especially with my family- hey Dad remember the Capital game!)

I am nervous for real school to start but I am so thankful I have such a great husband. Tyler always makes time for us. I know I can count on seeing him as much as he possibly can be here so that makes this coming year seem better. I am also so glad for my fellow dental wife friends. It is so great having other people to spend time with and vent with.

About my kids- because I am sure that everyone reading this wants to know how they are doing!!! Garret is saying more things all the time. He came up to me the other day and pointed to himself and said "me cute". When we ask him how long he is going to love us he says "Forever" its pretty cute and whenever he sees and airplane he says "airplane, high in sky. . . apple juice" he had apple juice when he flew. He still doesn't like nursery, we just don't know what to do about that. He is never shy except there. he did good last Sunday but had a hard time again today. He was really tired though. He kept saying "night, night. . Please".

Spencer gets bigger everyday. He has started smiling more. Today Garret was making faces at him and he was just smiling back. He is getting on a better schedule. He is taking a couple good naps a day (usually when garret naps) and they are both down by seven. He seems to be past the baby acne stage and his skin is such a nice olive color I hope it stays. He looked so much more like Garret the chubbier he gets. It might be because I am their mom but I think my babies are sooooo cute.

One other side note- tonight we had lasagna that my Mom helped me make when she was here- Thanks Mom!


Debbie said...

I remember the "Capitol" game. It is one of two VBall memories that I have for you. You were amazing! And I am so glad that you girls were so willing to play. It was fun for your dad, and me. But the important thing to note here is how cute those boys of yours are. Spencer looks so grown up. And Garret IS so cute!! I can't wait to see them again. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Tyler told us that there would be new pictures...They are adorable!!!Garret already knows how to make funny face pictures!!! Way to go Garret...
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Treton & Aunt Tia (She's home for the weekend)