Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Past Two Weeks

It has been a while since I updated this. Life has been a little crazy but a lot of fun. Tylers family came to visit. It was really good seeing them. While they were here we went to the hill cumorah pagent, played a few games, took family pics., mini golfed, but most important we spent some good quality time together. Garret enjoyed having all the family around. He liked showing off our garden and having so many people to play with. We are so glad that we got to have everyone here to visit.

Then last week we went to Washington state to be with my family and to go to my little sisters wedding. Her wedding day was a little crazy (someone forgot the marriage license) but it turned out to be a beautiful day and my little sister is married. I love you Leah!!! While we were there we also did some kayaking, water tubing, tyler helped my dad with his deck, we got to watched Garret and Spencer with their cousins. It was so fun.

The flights were a bit of an adventure. on the way to washington we took a later flight in order to get reimbursed our flight money. we started in Buffalo, went to Chicago on to Los Angelas, then Sacramento and finally Seattle. The kids did surprisingly well. The way back was a different story. Garret got sick on the flight from Vegas to Buffalo. it was a long flight but we made it and it is so good to be home. We loved seeing everyone all summer but its nice to have our house back and we are excited to try and get our kids back on schedule and enjoy some time together before tyler goes back to school. I dont want him to go back- It so much more fun when he is around all the time. I will have to post pics another time.

Its good to be home!

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steph said...

i'm so glad to have you guys back. life will finally regulate and hopefully go back to "normal" for you guys. :) glad you had a good trip!