Sunday, August 5, 2007

Picture from our trip

Tyler right before he went for a dip in the river!!! Garret trying on Grandpa and Uncle Dan's Mt. Rainier gear. (That's right they hiked Mt. Rainier all the way to the top!!)
Garret's first kayak ride!
All the cousins playing- Things got pretty crazy having them all together but I still wish we could do it more often- I miss you guys.
Bath time!


Debbie said...

It was a great visit. It was so fun for me to have all of you kids together. I need to get copies of these pictures. What a wonderful family you have.
I love you, Rachel,Tyler,Garret and Spencer.
Love, Mom

Liz said...

gosh you have cute kids..I am glad I will be able to keep up with you better now:)