Saturday, August 11, 2007


We decided to head off to Rochester yesterday. First we went to the Susan B. Anthony house. We are a little dorky but we really enjoyed it. I love history!
Then after visiting some sights from Tylers mission (including where he got hit by the car) we drove north to Lake Ontario. They had the nicest park there. It had a sandy beach, a play ground a lot of covered pavillions and best of all--- A carousel that was over 100 years old. It is all original, the horse tails are made from real horse hair and it was all hand carved. We thought that was pretty exciting. Garret loves riding them and this time he picked to ride on a pig.
After Lake Ontario we decided to take the scenic route back. We drove through a bunch of little towns, got dinner and ice cream in Spencerport, picked up produce at a little stand.

It was such a fun day. It seems like everything we do as a family is fun- we sure are going to miss tyler when he heads back to school.


Debbie said...

what a totally awsome day !! I would have loved going with you. I guess we will have to plan it for the next visit. My questions are: was it ice cream, or frozen custard? and, did you pick spencerport for any paticular reason? I bet Spencer loved it there!!
Love you guys. Mom

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you got to spend more time together & see Rochester, where so many memorable experiences have happened!!! We love all the pictures... It would be great to have a copy of all the pictures that you take & in exchange we will send you all the pictures we took on our visit with all of you & the rest of our trip... so your little family will have those fun memories too!!!

Anonymous said...

P.s Love to all,

Grandpa, Grandma, & Uncle Trenton