Sunday, September 30, 2007

Garret Tyler

My little boy is almost two! When he was born my world changed. I can't even imagine not being a parent- I have learned so much from him and from being a parent. I really believe that you love the people you serve the most- and there is a lot of service in parenting. I remember being big and pregnant with Garret and thinking about parenthood and what it was going to be like- I pictured my cute baby and all the fun we would have together. I really didn't know all the work it would entail- its strange how a lot of the things I do as a parent are menial and repetitive but because I love him- I really don't mind. I feel like being a parent taught me what life is really about.

A little photo tribute to the birthday boy!

I love my little Garret. I love that he makes me smile and cry (usually happy tears), I love that he makes everything fun again (holidays, parades, the zoo etc), I love that he is so energetic and imaginative. I just love him.

Garret Tyler

Born October 4, 2005

Weighed 9'4"

Lived in Idaho, Colorado and New York

First words- Ball and Uh-oh

First airplane ride- Colorado to Washington 3 months old

Favorite sport- Baseball

Favorite food- treats and hot dogs

Potty trained- two

Slept through the night- 8 hours by 3 months 12 by 7 months

Some of my favorite Garret memories-

- When I first held him- I felt like I had known him forever

-When he was new born he used to be sleeping and then shoot one arm up into the air and point then it would fall down slowly- so cute

- In Rexburg I used to take him to work with me and he would usually just sleep, sometimes I just put him under my desk (in his car seat) people would hear him farting and give me funny looks

- In Rexburg we served at a nursing home and if we ever brought Garret it was so fun to watch their eyes light up when we brought him in- everyone in Rexburg loved Garret so much.

-Garret loved helping with the Garden and when his Grandma and Grandpa were here he loved taking them and showing it to them.

-Holidays are so fun with Garret - usually Tyler and I are more excited than he is but all holidays are great with Garret ( I am especially excited for this Christmas because he is at such a fun age!)

-His first birthday was so fun. I loved watching him eat his little baseball cake

-I think my heart just melts every time he says "I love you" without being prompted

-Garret used to call me and Tyler both "Daddin"

-We took Garret camping when he was 7 months old and we didn't bring enough blankets so we put all the blankets around him to keep him warm and me and Tyler froze but he slept good and we laugh about that awful night a lot.

-Garret loves to help with our house I have a lot of good memories watching him help his Daddy and Grandpa fix things up

- Garret loves animals, he loves all dogs but the first memory of him really loving dogs was my brothers dog Ridge, he would just wrestle and love that dog it was so cute.

- I love holding Garret and reading him stories, he loves books and I do to so sometimes we read and its like we go to the silly places his books take us together

-I remember being so proud of Garret when he started going potty on the toilet!

- Garret loves to help me in the kitchen and we have lots of fun if we ever make bread or anything messy like that

-when Garret was little he was being a brat one day and we were in a silly mood so I told Tyler he couldn't call Garret a brat to his face so we decided a code word for when he was being a brat would be "cookie" so then we started calling Garret "cookie", we now joke about what an awful nickname he ended up with- heindsight is 20/20

-Garret went tubing behind a speed boat when we were in Washington and he loved it (he is so fearless)

-Garret says his own prayers at night and sometimes there is not much to them but occasionally he really gets going and I love hearing the random things he says

- I love watching Tyler and Garret play together- Tyler has been a very hands on Dad from the beginning and it just makes me so happy to see them play together. They are such good friends and I know that Tyler is Garret's hero (I hope nothing more for Garret than for him to turn out like his Dad)

I have so many Garret memories and he just gets more fun all the time! We are so excited for his birthday. When we ask him what he wants he says "cake, balloons, hot dogs and Ella Jane" I think we should be able to keep him pretty happy.

Some of Tyler's favorite Garret memories:

-Walking Garret around the hospital when he was first born, watching cartoons with him- anything to keep him happy and loving every minute of it.

-Watching Garret sleep

- Taking naps with him

-Watching him eat ice cream- what a mess, but so much fun

-Singing to him before we put him to bed

-Swimming in his little pool with him (way to small for two)
-The first time he called me "Daddin"

-Wrestling him

- playing baseball with him

-Just loving him, being his Dad- it is all so great


Josh and Kandis said...

This is so cute! I can't believe you guys have a 2 year old! We're so glad we live so close and we get to see all the fun things he does.

Debbie said...

Garret is going to love to read this when he is older. How wonderful that you are keeping such a great record for him, and how much the rest of us love enjoying it too! We love your little family SO much!! Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom and Dad

steph said...

awww...that got me a little choked up!! the way you love your babies is like nothing else, huh? i can't believe he's 2 already!! and it's amazing to see how much he's changed in the 2 years!!

Anonymous said...

Our 1st little Grandchild is almost 2!!! What fun & precious memories we all have of Garret's 1st 2 years!!! He brings smiles & laughter into our lives everyday, even if he is so far away... Thanks for sharing with us!!!
Love to all,
Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle Trenton