Monday, September 24, 2007

Sick Days

Yesterday I felt fine, then last night I started feeling so awful. I went to bed at 8:00 woke up and still feel awful. The worst part is I don't get any sick days. Tyler had to go to school and I was stuck here feeling miserable, trying to keep a baby happy and a little boy out of trouble. I think it is so unfair that we don't get sick days. It seems like everyone else gets to take days off from their everyday life except for Moms. Usually I love what I do but today I was not in the mood to make paper bag puppets, clean up messes, do laundry, sing silly songs- all I really wanted to do was watch TV and sleep. Hopefully I get better soon. It always feels like recovery takes longer when I am pregnant or nursing- maybe its just me but right now I have a feeling tomorrow will be another long day.


kristenita said...

feel better! I hope you get a good night's sleep & I hope those boys of yours nap at the same time tomorrow so you can get a nap too!
do you have some emergenC or airborne? I swear by that stuff! and don't forget to drink lots of H2O.

Amber said...

I'd love to watch the kids in the morning or afternoon for you tomorrow so you can get some rest. Just let me know.

Being a mom is a 24x7, 365 days a year job...and being sick while on the job is no fun.

Water Buffalo said...

Hey Rachel~

I know how you feel. It seems like it takes longer to get better when you have no time to rest either. I hope you feel better soon!

Water Buffalo said...

oops that was me, Liz..I guess you would have figured it out if you clicked onto my blog:)

steph said...

ewww...i'm so sorry. that's the worst to get sick. i haven't been sick yet since i had crew except for one night when i had mastitis and had a horrible fever and wanted to die. it made me wonder how mom's can ever be sick!! i hope you feel better soon :(