Thursday, October 11, 2007


I know I already posted something today but after I published my last post something happened; There was a knock at my door and when I went to answer it a young man was there. He was probably my age. He said his Grandpa used to live in this house. He asked if the bar was still in the basement. Apparently he remembers his Grandpa working on it and his Grandpa recently passed away and he wanted to buy the bar. First of all I felt so bad that we sold it, I wished so bad I could say "here it is- take it" but I had to tell him we sold it. Then after he left I wished I would have given him the email address of the man that bought the bar, but I didn't think of it then and now I have no way to reach him. After he left I got to thinking about my parents and grandparents and some of the things that remind me of them. There are so many things but some of them that remind me of my Grandma Gappmayer are (by the way I plan to write a whole entry on my Grandma someday- she is one of my heroes, all my grandparents are). When I hear certain country songs I think of her, When I see beautiful flowers I think of her (she loved flowers), sometimes when I hear the sound of a ceiling fan if I close my eyes its like I am in the basement of her old house (weird I know), Apricots make me think of my Grandma and embroidery. I remember watching her embroider beautiful things- she had to use her teeth (My Grandma was quadriplegic). She was an amazing woman and I love it when something triggers a memory of her. I am reminded of my Grandpa Gappmayer when I see McDonald's (I remember him waking me early to take me there), when I read poetry, and when I eat candy I can hear him saying "only take two". Also whenever I hear the name "Sally", its silly but my grandpa used to call me "Sally". It was a nickname from a time when I was upset with him (I was three) he said if Rachel wouldn't talk to him maybe Sally would. He called me that from then on and even used to through "Sally" a birthday party! It always made me feel special and I really thought it was my middle name for awhile. I just thought of another one- they always had these creamsicle things- mmmm good! Somethings that remind me of my Grandma and Grandpa Beck are coon lake, these dolls that they had that I loved playing with and these bright colored Disney toys, when I see toy snakes I can't help but remember the time Leah and I saw one on their property and we thought it was real and we made grandpa come and "get it" for us. Old trucks remind me of my Grandpa and pretty flowers of my grandma and divinity. someday I plan to learn how to make divinity and grow flowers. I love memories, I am very sentimental, I wish so badly I could remember everything about the great people and times in my life.

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Debbie said...

Gayle is still here, and we are both crying. You brought back some memories for us. And you thought you were the sentimental one! Thank you for getting us thinking about people we love.
Love, Mom