Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Garret!

Guess who is 2. . . .GARRET!
Garret's birthday was so fun this year. He really got into it and has been excited for a couple weeks. Tyler and I made him a truck cake and decorated a little the night before, when he woke up he was so excited about the balloons and cake. He loved all his presents (he has so many toys I am running out of room for them- but he is enjoying them)!

After Tyler left for school we headed off to the zoo. Some of Garret's friends were there so that was fun and he always likes the animals. He is convinced the Giraffe said "Happy Birthday" to him.

After the zoo it was nap time!!! He was so excited he didn't nap too long. We picked up his friend Ella and they played in the backyard all afternoon. They started getting tired and they laid down on the driveway so I brought out a blanket and they got so excited they started playing on it and pretending to go "night-night" on it. It was so cute.

About a week ago we told Garret he could invite two friends over for his hot dog birthday dinner. He picked Ella and Teton (Josh and Kandis's dog). So we had cake and dinner with his friends.

It was a really great day. It was fun trying to make it special for Garret. I love making him happy and that was what today was all about. Spencer was a little trouper going along with whatever we were up to.

I still can't believe he is two but I am glad he had such a fun day. Thanks to everyone for the phone calls and emails!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you had such a special day Garret, having lots of fun...
Again, Happy Birthday DEAR GARRET, Happy Birthday to you...
Lots & lots of love coming your way,
Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Trenton

***We hope you like your presents Garret, they were sent with lots & lots of love wrapped in every one...

Debbie said...

What great parents you two are to make Garrets birthday so much fun for him. I would loved to have been their.
Oh well, Happy Birthday to Garret!

We love you all,

Grandpa and Grandma Beck

Dick&Erica said...

Thanks for letting Ella come play on Garret's birthday. She loved it and I think her other best friend now might also be Teton! I'm glad he had such a great birthday...I'll bet he slept really well last night.

Amber said...

I'm so glad Garret had such a special day. I'm glad that you all came to the zoo too! Abygail was sitting in my lap while I was reading your post and she was looking at the pictures and saying Garret's name - for the first time! (how cute)

Mark and Jenni Warner said...

I can't believe he's two and that we have been aprt for so long! Payton just had his birthday a month ago. I forgot that they were so close in age! Tyler sais you guys might be moving to Washington in a few years! Yea! Then maybe we can get together and let these little guys go at it! Miss you two and loved looking at your blog! I'll write you a real email soon Rachel. Bye!