Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Let's be honest- I am not crazy about halloween. I think it is a silly holiday. But today was fun. How could it not be when I have a two year old that thinks that everything is great and a baby that likes to giggle. Here is how our Halloween went;

We woke up early as usual. Tyler, Spencer and I were up before Garret so I got started making pumpkin shaped biscuits and orange gravy (I think that food coloring is one of the greatest inventions- It is the perfect addition to every holiday). I decided I would pull out a Halloween table cloth since I had not gotten around to decorating. Then when it was ready I went in and sat by my sleeping Garret and whispered "Happy Halloween". His eyes lit up and he was up. He ran in the kitchen, saw the table cloth and almost hyperventilated. It was so cute, that something so insignificant as a table cloth could invoke such excitement. He pointed and said "ohhhhhh,ohhhhh,ohhhh". It was a perfect start. We enjoyed our breakfast together then sent Tyler off to school. I tried to do some special Halloween things with the kids and then I tried desperately to get them to nap. Spencer did alright but Garret was too excited -for two hours he layed in his bed singing and laughing, then crying a little when I told him the Halloween party was later. He never slept. We waited anxiously for Tyler to return from school. Then he quickly helped us make six different kinds of popcorn. We had fun inventing flavors. He altered his hair, we got the kids ready and went to our friends house for a little get together. Garret always loves seeing his friends and he trick or treated at a couple of peoples houses. We came home exhausted and put the little ones to bed. And here I sit- while Tyler studies.

On the way home from Richard and Erica's house Tyler and I started talking about some of our Halloween memories. Here is one of each of ours;

Rachel- One Halloween, I am not sure how old I was, I want to say I was about 6- I was dressed as a princess (every little girls favorite costume). I remember feeling so pretty and I couldn't wait to trick or treat. Because we lived in the country we would drive to our friends house and then all go together. We never went to very many houses so it was important to take advantage of your turn ringing the doorbell. There were five of us so you really had to get there first if you wanted to get to ring the bell. Anyway we went to our good friends the Bennett's house. There I was a beautiful princess ready to ring the doorbell, yell trick or treat and get my first pick of whatever treat they were giving. I bolted for the door and then suddenly things took a turn for the worst. Down I went. . .right into there built in hot tub. So much for ringing the doorbell, so much for being a pretty princess. It may sound like a little insignificant event but I remember being quite devastated. I took off my dress because it was soaked and my parents wrapped me up in a blanket that had been in our van for who knows how long. Then to make things worse a good friend showed up while we were still there visiting and she asked me what I was. I tried to sound cool and I pretended I was a mermaid and the blanket was my fin. Everyone laughed- poor me- sad day. It's one of those stories that I enjoy reminiscing about especially with people that were there. It just gives me a good laugh!

Tyler told me he always enjoyed Halloween but he especially loved the year his Dad helped him make a transformer costume. Homemade costumes are the best!


steph said...

isn't it so fun to see how exciting these holidays are for little ones? i love that he just laid in bed singing and laughing. what a cute boy!!

Debbie said...

As soon as you said that you wanted to share one of your Halloween memories, I knew which one it would be. I think we all remember that dreadful night when you went for an unexpected swim. Those kind of memories make the best stories, and you tell it so well. I hope that your kids end up with a great memory like that to tell their kids one day!!!!
Love, Mom

Dick&Erica said...

speaking of the popcorn...I'm sitting here munching on the caramel corn, and I just realized, I've eaten half the bag. I feel kind of sick, but it sure tastes good!

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures, what cuties!!!! It makes me smile when I hear how Garret gets so excited about little things, I remember Halloween being such a fun Holiday for all of us, this year it just seemed to pass us by, as we are having fun with "Fiddler" & lots & lots of homemade costumes...
Trick or Treat a little late!!!
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Trenton
We'll defininitely get a big treat in a couple weeks, & are all so excited to see everyone!

Aaron & Devony said...

Um, did Tyler really shave his head other than the mohawk? Or did he do something fancy to make it look like that? Crazy! Oh, also, please ask Tyler if he remembers Mike Chatterton. They served their missions together and he and his wife are our good friends here in CO.