Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Me. . Hayride. . Dave"

We had such a fun Saturday. We went down to our friend Briste's parent's farm. Garret was excited all week to go on a hayride with Dave. he walked around saying "me. . .hayride. . Dave". So we went for a hayride, the guys shot guns, we ate good food, and we got to get away from the city for a little while.
I think this is the backyard we want someday!

Despite the great time we are having living in Buffalo I think deep down I am a country girl. I think the country is so beautiful and slow and peaceful. I like the idea of having a garden and working together, playing sports in the backyard, watching my kids build forts and go exploring. I have great memories of playing outside and I guess because of it the outdoors has become my place of solace. It was so wonderful to experience the beautiful New York countryside. The leaves were beautiful, bright oranges, yellows and red. Some of the views are like the pictures you see in books or on jigsaw puzzles- it's just gorgeous.

We had a great day with our friends. Then we got home and got the kids ready and headed off to the stake play (Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat). When you hear stake play you picture something fun but not really professional. I was so wrong- seriously this play was as good as the plays we saw at college. The performers did so well, the set was great, the music was great- plus it was fun because we knew people in it. It was nice being on a date with no kids plus it reminded me of when we were living in Rexburg we used to go to plays together all the time. I am a sucker for a good musical- they just kind of make me want to get up and start dancing around- they are just so fun. (Good job to all our Friends in the play!- it was awesome).


kristen said...

I'm so glad you guys came to the show! it was so much fun to see you after - so much better performing for friends. glad you liked it.

...too bad we missed the fun at the W farm - looks like it was a great day (ah, showbiz).

Debbie said...

It really sounded like a wonderful weekend for all!! Wish I could have enjoyed with you. It is so good to hear about all of the fun your family has together, with your friends of course!!
Love you guys,


steph said...

i feel the same as you. i'm really not a city gril at heart. my ideal living situation would be just outside of a city cause i like the slow pace but at the same time, i like the luxuries of the city close by!

Amber said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! I will third the feeling of wanting to live in the country. Jason and I talked about that the whole way back from Letchworth yesterday.

Aaron & Devony said...

Oh, I remember the shows at BYU-I too! We miss those days! Where you could go to a fantastic show for $1 a piece! Ah, good old Rexburg!