Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Single Parents

How do single parents do it? Tyler has been busy with test this week (by the way the last post was a Tyler contribution), he still comes home for dinner but I miss having him around so much. My children have really been wearing me out lately. Luckily Spencer slept until 2 last night then a quick feeding and back to sleep til morning! I am anxious to see how tonight goes. I am thankful that I have a husband that helps when he can. We really are partners, I am so glad we are in this together because holy cow is is hard!

On to other things, we decorated Halloween cookies and took them to some friends today! I hope by next year Garret enjoys more than just eating the cookie. Spencer did a photo shoot for Fisher Price, I am pretty sure they will not use his pics because he would not take his hands out of his mouth- oh well it was fun seeing their studio and they pay you no matter if they use the pics or not and lets be honest that is why we went! Other than that this week has be a bit crazy but not overly exciting. I am learning that life with a two year old is either the most fun thing ever or absolutely and completely exasperating. If anyone has good advice for getting through this wonderful stage my once innocent and now manipulative child has entered- please pass it on to me. (Really I am enjoying Garret, he is just testing his limits in ways that are new to me)


steph said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you tonight that spencer sleeps really well. thanks for the cookies! they're all gone already! (i'm ashamed)

kristen said...

sleep, baby spencer!

I want to go to FP - do you have that email address?

uh, no help for you on the 2yr old age... good luck? love him? read books? yeah - sorry, no advice!

Water Buffalo said...

Advice for a 2 year old...well I think I need some for my 3 year I don't know if I would be of much help..but I think it's always good to keep them busy. When my kids are bored is when I have to worry because then they start whining about EVERYTHING. It's harder with two because they can't both do the same things all the time. I thought 2 was hard but boy was I wrong..I think 3 seems harder now because she can talk back to me more...funny story...Brad told Laila she couldn't have a cookie until she ate lunch and Laila said..." no..let's talk about this" However, timeouts do work better at this age I think..and also threats..if you don't stop I am taking this.....good luck Rachel! we are lucky we don't have to do it alone.

Amber said...

It's really hard having a hubby that is so busy. I can totally relate.

I'm glad you are getting some more rest, it makes the day go so much better.