Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Tongue Surgery

The tongue surgery was supposed to be this morning- I say supposed to because it didn't happen. The doctor looked at Spencer and decided he could do a better job if he put him under and used stitches. We are now scheduled for December. He says he gets better results this way. I am nervous for him to go under but glad he won't feel it and glad he will someday be able to say his "L" and "D" sounds. He weighed in at over 17 pounds!


steph said...

over 17 pounds!! spencer is even putting crew to shame!! haha. i hope the surgery works out perfect. it is nice he won't be awake and feel sad!

chase said...

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kristenita said...

17pounds!? WHAT!!! wow.

that stinks you have to wait, since you were all ready for today. but I think I would rather be asleep if I was having surgery on my tongue, too!