Saturday, October 20, 2007

When in Buffalo. . .do what Buffalonians do. . .

What do people in Buffalo do. . .well. . .they eat a lot of fatty food. . .they say "the" before a lot of things (ex. the 33- that's a road). . .they decorate for every holiday (I have not started doing this yet) . . . but most importantly they love their sports. I enjoy sports and have been saying since I moved here that I wanted to go to a pro. lacrosse game and a pro hockey game. Well Friday I got to go to a Sabres hockey game. My friends Cathy and Amber ended up with an extra ticket- not just any ticket we were in the fourth row! It was a lot of fun. They lost but win or lose there is just something about sporting events that is exciting. The crowd was really excited and honestly almost everyone was in Sabres clothing. I have never seen that before. Seriously people here love their sports. It was tons of fun and I feel like I get to cross of one more thing from my list of "to do while in Buffalo".

Once when I was talking to my brother we started talking about how everyone wants to go to far away places and on exotic vacations- when most people have not even seen what is in their own area. We have really tried to enjoy our experience here and although there is so much more we want to see I think our time here has been as good as it has because we have jumped in and really experienced life here.
What good would a blog entry be without some cute pictures of "the boys". And one funny story (not so funny at the time). Garret came up to me and Tyler and said in a very excited voice "me tooty" and then he proceed to "toot" unfortunately it was more than a toot. He was a little confused- hopefully we get that straightened out before we fly for Thanksgiving. Oh little Garret!

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Josh and Kandis said...

how fun! i want to go to a sabres game sometime while we're here.