Friday, November 9, 2007

Book Club

Our little book club met last night to discuss the book The Giver. I picked this book for a few reasons. It is an easy read, it is an entertaining and well written story, anyone can enjoy it and it is as deep as you want it to be. This book is about a futuristic society that has censored things and altered the society to the point that there are very few choices or feelings. People live their lives just to function in the community. They are very organized and there is no crime and no illness. A lot of the things that they do not have like illness seem like good things to not have but as the book goes on you realize how much these people are missing. Nothing really matters because there are not choices. When I read this book I thought of Satan's plan and what it would be like if we all just lived. It made me gratefull for the choices in my life. It makes me grateful that I am surrounded by people that are different than me. I am lucky to have picked my spouse and to understand the joy of children. The book also makes me think about censorship in our society and I question where the right place to draw the line in censorship is. If I had my way I would not want my children to experience negative or immoral things but I can not keep them away from everything and at some point they need to make choices themselves. I enjoy pondering the themes of this book and although the ending leaves you wanting more it is a book I would recommend to anyone.

For book club we met at Stephanie's house because Spencer has been sick. We all brought food we have a memory of (memory is a theme throughout the book). It was fun seeing what people brought and learning a little more about everyone. I brought bread becuase my Mom used to bake bread a lot. She would try to make sure it was hot when we got home from school. Sometimes certain smells bring back memories for me and when I smell hot bread I think of my Mom.

We did not spend too much time talking about the book. Come on we are girls and we love getting together and just talking. We had fun talking about babies and marriage and all kinds of things. We were there for hours! We probably could have talked for a lot longer but we do have to sleep at least a little.

When I got home it took me a while to get to sleep. I have a bad habit of having to process my day before I can sleep. I got to thinking about friends and what makes people close. I decided that it does not matter if people have the same opinions or the same lifestyle or if they are the same age. Those things help but what really helps people be friends (at least this is what I think) is the ability to talk about things, anything and not have to agree. I think people have to be able to appreciate each others differences and love them the more for it. I think of the friends I have now, the friends I had before and even my relationship with Tyler and we are all different but it works because we communicate. I think at least for me that is why I love getting together and just chatting it up with the girls. That may sound like rambling but it makes sense to me and I am glad for nights when the girls get together, even if I am tired the next day!

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Debbie said...

You made me smile when you said that the smell of hot bread reminded you of me making bread. You are already making memories for your own kids. And they will share those memories with you one day, and you will know how happy it makes you feel, and how happy you made me today. Thank you !
Love, Mom