Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Four Month check-up that did not go so well

Spencer had his four month doctors appointment today. I was glad he had an appointment today because he has not been feeling well. Colds have been going around at church so I figured he had a cold- but it's always good to get a second opinion. Turns out the Doctor thinks it Bronchialitis. I guess it is similar to RSV. It is a virus so it kind of just has to run its course. The doctor said to expect it to take a good couple weeks to go away. He said all we can really do is try to make him comfortable (humidifier, nebulizer), monitor his temperature etc. The thing that scares me is that 30% of kids that get this end up with asthma. We are just trying to take good care of him and hopefully it will get better soon. He has to go back in on Friday and if he is doing any better by then they will give him his shots. I felt like the doctor was being very cautious which is good. Tyler gave him a blessing and we are all praying for the little guy- we really feel like everything will be just fine, it just hurts to see your kids suffer. Garret was a good big brother he gave Spencer lots of kiss and said that would make him all better. He was so funny at the doctors. When the doctor said hi he closed his eyes and put his head back and stayed like that for a while. I guess it is better than the "episodes" he usually has when we go to the doctor.

This is Spence with his Nebulizer (I guess it is something that is commonly used for asthma).

Spence weighed in today at 17 pounds 12 ounces, he was 24 inches long so he is a big boy! I will have to post an update after we go to the doc. friday if not sooner.


Dick&Erica said...

You might need to change his weight. I don't think he's 7 lbs. Poor little guy. I hate when the kiddies are sick. It's going to be a LONG winter!

kristen said...

poor little baby! I'm so sorry & I hope he is better soon... & I hope you guys are getting some sleep. I can't believe how big he is!

Debbie said...

Poor little guy. Give him a big kiss from his Grandma.
Give Garret one too!!!!
Love you all,
Grandma Beck

Aaron & Devony said...

So sad! Hope he feels lots better soon! Also, no I don't have your email. Leave it for me and I can send you pics of Mike Chatterton for Tyler to remember.

Anonymous said...

We're so sorry Spencer is sick, but know that he is being well taken care of by all of you, even his big brother Garret...Poor little guy, we hope he heals quickly, it is hard on everyone, to have a little one so sick!!!
Lots of Love & Hugs from,
Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle Trenton

**We can't wait to see you all next week...