Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Monday night we went to pick up our tree! We were all so excited to get one, we have never had our own christmas tree before so this was a big deal for us. We ended up just going to Home Depot for our tree (It was a little different then how we did it growing up- we actually cut them down, but fun all the same). Garret was so excited about it. We told him we were going to decorate it the next day and at midnight he woke up ready to get up. It took us three hours to get him back to sleep. At least he is excited for Christmas!

We haven't really gotten out much this week. One day we went searching for the perfect stockings and tree skirt but didn't find them. I guess we need to enjoy the quest but I am ready to have my house all set up! Tyler and I did go on a date. We saw "Enchanted", it was super cheesy but I thought it was cute and it is always fun going out with Tyler. This weekend we have a Christmas party to go to! It is a white elephant party- I think they are so fun- it's nice having something to look forward to.

If I can't find Garret- this is where he is. He loves to sit by the heater. If I ask what he is doing he says "so warm"!


TyLER said...

Man are you freezing your child, what's up with that. He looks like a little homeless boy huddling by a fire.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Trenton, Grandma & Grandpa are going to put up our tree today & the 1st ornaments we will put up are the pictures of Garret & Spencer that you made for us...
I hope you are having alot of dancing parties with your new Chritmas music!!!
Love you so much,
Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Trenton

Debbie said...

Oh !!!!!!!

I wish I was there !!!!!!

Love you guys, Mom