Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Parenting a two year old is a real roller coaster ride. One moment he is adorable, he wants to snuggle, give kisses, he is fascinated by every little thing, he is giggling and laughing, he wants to be my helper and little buddy- the very next moment he is a little on the evil side. Garret has started this new thing- Tyler or I will ask him a question and he puts his head back and closes his eyes and it's like he is pretending he is not in the room. It is almost more frustrating then when he throws a fit because I know he heard me. At least when he throws a fit I know he is unhappy. He has also become clingy. He has never been to clingy but the last couple weeks he wants to be sitting on my lap at all times, he wants me to feed him and carry him. Sometimes he won't even let Tyler help him with anything. It's weird, I expected it when Spencer was first born but not now. I am hoping it will pass quickly, maybe even Thanksgiving break will be exciting enough he will get it out of his system. Here is a picture of Garret and his new "stubbornness".

Today he found a lady bug and he thought it was so fun. He carried it all around and was all smiles. It was so cute. He loves to make Spencer smile. He always does the same thing he gets right up in Spencer's face and then says "Hi, Hi, Hi" over and over in a deep voice and Spencer actually likes it.

We celebrated our Friend Kandis's birthday with her today! Happy birthday! Tyler has been busy with school as usual and I have not been able to do much lately because up until today Spencer was not suppose to be around other babies. He seems basically all better, he only has a lingering cough. We are getting ready for our trip to Colorado! We are all so excited for a break and we will get to see Tyler's family. Tyler's brother is in a play, we are going to try and take Garret to it- we will see how that goes- I bet he likes half of it! Here is a picture of our "tree"- it's the closest we have to a tree- I think it is beautiful!


steph said...

haha...terrible twos! it's funny cause you think that's just a saying, but apparantly it's true. kids are so smart too and they totally learn how to push your buttons! i hope this phase passes quickly...hopefully you're right and thanksgiving is enough of a change that he forgets about his new tricks!

Dick&Erica said...

Ella does the same in your face hi's to Ruby. So weird. Unfortunately, Ruby doesn't really get the hilarity in it yet. Ella looks out our window every day and says, "derrit?"

Leah and Joe said...

Your kids are soo cute! I think they get cuter everytime I see pictures of them!