Friday, November 9, 2007

Spencer Update

We took Spencer to the doctor again today. The doctor was pleased to see how much better he was doing. He said we should keep him home until early next week then he should be fine to be around other people. He was even doing well enough to get his shots (poor baby). He did really well with them and he does seem a lot better. Hopefully he continues to improve and is all better so we can enjoy our Thanksgiving break.

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Tiffany Cardon said...

Ok so Rach....this isn't about the baby since i'm posting under his little blurb but listen...Your husband just literally walked out the door of my house to bring the cookies that you made by for Creed (since Tyler home teaches him) All I can say is that I had to try one and they are delicious!!!!! Holy cow! Like i'm gonna have to hide the bag from myself before I eat them all...seing as how they are not for me! You are an awesome cook!