Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am pretty new at this whole blogging thing. I guess there is this thing called tag. This is how it works as far as I know; someone starts and then they come up with a topic (example seven facts about yourself, Where were you five years ago etc), they write about themselves and then at the end of their blog they pass it on to the person they want to have write about themselves. It's kind of silly but I have been tagged so here are 7 things about me-

1. I hate scary movies- I can handle jumpy scary but not scary scary- you know what I mean. I have trouble sleeping at night if I watch the really scary ones.

2. I am turning into my Mom. Not in all ways but in a few. My Mom could sing about anything. I was never really sure if she was making up the songs or not. (I just about died when I realized the silly "In the leafy treetops song was in the children's hymn book- I thought it was just some loopy song my Mom made up and sang in the mornings- If any of you see her ask her to sing the tuna fish songs, they are a personal favorite)Anyway Garret expects me to sing about everything now. Tyler laughs because it is terribly off key and nonsensical.

3. I love trying to catch Tyler trying to surprise me. I usually find out about at least some of my Christmas presents before Christmas. It has almost become a game for us. He tries to surprise me -I try to catch him and we taunt each other the whole time. the best was when I found out he was going to propose to me. I started saying things like "forever sure is a long time". . .It was pretty fun to watch his reaction! He has surprised me pretty good a couple of times (the baby shower for Garret caught me completely off guard).

4. I did a report on Thailand in seventh grade and have wanted to go there ever since. It just looked beautiful and so different from what I know here in the good ole US of A. I make a mental note of all the tidbits of info I hear about Thailand- Someday I think I will go there.

5. I was a major Tomboy growing up. At least until high school and in a lot of ways I still am a tomboy. We used to have animals and we lived in the country and get this I had a machete (I am not sure if that is how you spell it but you know one of those big knife things). We would catch frogs and crawdads, build forts, collect bugs etc. So I totally didn't want to be a "girly girl" when my Mom told me I needed to start wearing a bra. I didn't want to so I would take it off and leave it at the bus stop then put it on when I got home. I am sure that was more than people wanted to know!

6. I got drug across the parking lot in high school. It was after seminary in Rebecca (I can not think of her last names) car. It was two door and I went to get out of the back my foot got stuck in the seat belt and I did a lovely face plant. She didn't see me by the car so off she went (luckily she was going slow). People screamed and she stopped. I started off high school as "oh aren't you the girl that got drug across the parking lot?". After that I broke the bleachers putting the backboards up and turned into "I heard you are the girl that broke the bleachers?". Needless to say it took me a while to settle into high school.

7. When I was little, I am not sure the exact age so lets say somewhere between 2 and 4. I was pretty stubborn and so when I got mad I would hold my breath til I passed out. My parents did not know what was wrong with me. So an EKG later the doctor decided that I just had a nasty case of stubbornness!

So there you have it- way more than you wanted to know about me. Let's hope I don't get tagged for awhile because I had a hard time thinking coming up with these seven.

Now on to who I tag- I tag (and yes I know it is silly, but I think you will come up with some noteworthy stuff) Leah and Joe, Anna and Marc and Dan and Heather and I would totally tag Stephanie and Hector if only they had a blog! I love you all!


Debbie said...

You really made me laugh. Now I want Tyler to do the same thing. And I can't wait to read everyone elses.
I love you,

Leah and Joe said...

Rachel what happened to the b-r-a story.......

Leah and Joe said...

oops, I guess you decided to add that story in. Thanks for the good laugh, too bad I never did anything that funny.......

Dick Smith said...

WOW! You and Tyler were both drug by a car, granted his story is a little better than yours, but that's amazing. You were meant for each other.

Anonymous said...

Alright, first of all you left out a vast majority of stories that comprise the full "high school rachel" picture. I'll leave it to you to reveal them as you see fit. I will add however that you while you may have developed the holding your breath issue at a young age, you certainly never grew out of it and were using it to your advantage for years.