Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving break

We just got back Saturday from Colorado. Tyler's family lives in Colorado and all of his family got together. We had such a good time visiting with everyone. The kids did really well on the flights, which was a big relief. While we were there we spent time with family, played games, went to a movie, went bowling, ate lots of good food, Garret helped his Grandpa work on the house, we went to Trenton's play, Spencer got two teeth (he was almost 4 and a half months old- No more newborn smile- they change so fast), Garret played in the snow and we found out that Tia was pregnant (Congratulations to her and Michael- we are so excited for them!) .

We were able to see some of Tyler's friends from high school and college. It is fun for me to spend time with his family and friends. I get to learn new things about his growing up years and I love seeing how much he loves his family.

The week went by so fast. I can't believe it has come and gone already. We had a great time and look forward to our next visit with family.
I planned on putting up a bunch of pictures from our trip but its not working for some reason. I'll try again later. It was a great trip and a great week!


Leah and Joe said...

Sounds like a fun trip!! Congratulations Tia!! We are so excited for you, and we cant wait til you two are back in Rexburg. And Garret-your hair is soo long!!

Amber said...

I'm glad you guys are back and had such a fun time. I can't believe Spencer already has 2 teeth!!!

kristenita said...

sounds like you guys had fun - I'm jealous - I LOVE COLORADO THE MOST OF ALL THE STATES. I can't wait to see all your pix!

congrats, tia!

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you had a fun time in Colorado!! Hey do you remember the man from American Idol who was your friend John Peter Lewis?? Do you still talk to him?? Haha!! I'm glad you and Tyler are doing so well in NY. Glad I can keep up to date on ya through blogspot!!

Anonymous said...

Garret looks so grown up with his haircut!!! We are so thankful for the time you all spent here, we're glad you had fun, we did too!!! Lots and lots of fun... We already miss everybody, but think about all the fun memories... Garret & Spencer, Grandma misses your smiles & hugs so much, & I can't wait to have both of you help me with play dough & pie crusts the next time we are together!!!
Hugs & Kisses & Lots of Love to all, Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Trenton

Aaron & Devony said...

Maybe one time we could actually hook up when you guys are out here in Colorado! Will you be here for Christmas? Probably not huh? Well let us know next time you come and maybe we can see you! Glad you had fun!