Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

After our party the boys got to open there matching pajamas (I made the pants for them). They got monkey slippers too (Garret didn't want to take them off for bed- I told him he had to so he took them off, crawled in bed, then got out of bed- I was about to tell him to get in bed and go to sleep- then I watched him kiss the monkey slippers and get back in bed).After they got their jammies on we read a new Christmas book we had been saving, did scriptures and prayers and put them to bed. Tyler and I had so much fun getting things ready for Christmas morning. Tyler let me open a present early. He made me a necklace- he spent a lot of time on it and he couldn't wait any longer. I love it!
I could not wait for the kids to wake up in the morning. Finally around 6:15 they woke up. We went and looked at our stocking stuff. Garret kept asking where Santa was becuase we told him Santa was going to come- we had to explain that Santa came and left already. He liked all his little things from Santa- so did Spencer. Then we read the Christmas story from the scriptures. Then one by one we opened up the other gifts (thanks family for all the fun presents). Garret and Spencer loved all of the gifts. Once we had opened them we said to Garret "did we forget one" (he was wearing a bike helmet and holding a horn for his bike) he said "forget bike". Tyler went and brought it up. He was so excited and even though he hasn't figured out all the way he loves it. It was so fun seeing him so happy and excited. I am so glad we got the bike and that we waited til Christmas to give it to him.

Tyler had unwrapped a note telling him to look in the garage (his present had been in there for about a month). He was as excited as Garret was when he saw that I had gotten him a used pottery wheel (Thank you Rick and Cindy!). I told him I really wanted him to clean up the basement before we brought it down there (the basement is looking good- I guess I know how to get a clean house!)

All the gifts were fun. Then we talked to our families. We missed seeing them for the holiday. Then we spent the afternoon at home together. Around 4:30 we went to Lancaster and walked around their downtown. The shop windows have displays from "The Night Before Christmas" there was Christmas music playing and we ran into Santa. Garret was so excited that we saw him, he thanked him for his presents and wished him a Merry Christmas. It was the perfect ending to our day.

My Dad made this little box for us, it is made from wood from our house that fell during the October storm, wood from Kirtland Ohio, wood from Utah, a rare tree from my parents property and wood from My sister's trip to Mexico. I love that he brought so many memories together in one little box!


steph said...

it looks like you guys had a really fun christmas. spencer will love that musical stacker. even after crew opened all his new toys yesterday, he crawled over and got that. haha. the party was really fun too. thanks for having us over!

kolina said...

That is one cool box!!!!
-Kolina Chitta

Sarah said...

sorry we missed the party! Jacob was born on Friday Dec 11th at 8:20 a.m. I can't believe that he'll be a week old tomorrow! Yikes! We'll be around over break. My family came up for Christmas eve and Christmas day, but now it is just Jay and I. His brother and sister might come up, but we aren't sure. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

So glad you have so many fun Christmas memories... Those two cutie pies of ours, look like they are having fun in their matching p.j.'s.

Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Trenton