Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stephanie's visit

My sister came to visit and I am so glad she did. She saved me from a weekend of insanity (Tyler was gone a lot). My sister lives in DC area with her husband. He wasn't able to come so we had a girls weekend. We did some Christmas shopping and went to a philharmonic concert and spent lots of time with the little boys. We stayed up way to late every night. I don't think I got to bed before 2 the whole time she was here.

Garret and Spencer loved having her here. Garret calls her his "huffalump". It started as a joke but kind of stuck. He woke up this morning saying "Huffalump, huffalump" he was crushed when he realized she was gone for good.

I love spending time with my family. It is hard being so far away and not seeing them very often. The good thing is that there is something special about family, it doesn't seem to matter how long it has been, when we are together it feels like we have never been apart.

One funny story from the weekend- we went shopping and Steph got super excited about this skirt she found. She said it was the perfect length and price. she was about to try it on when she realized it was not a skirt but a dress and actually really short. (I think you would have had to been there) we realized we are kind of behind them times.

Monday night we made a gingerbread house for family night. Garret was more interested than last year but he still liked eating the candy the best.

As far as kid news goes- Garret is back in diapers. I had a really hard time putting him back in diapers, I felt and still feel like I am giving up, but he came to me and said he was a baby and for several days straight did his business whenever, wherever. I just did not know what to do. It has been so frustrating because I know he has bladder control but I tried EVERYTHING. Hopefully in a couple weeks he will realize being a big boy was better. He has been testing his independence lately as well. He is a normal two year old I guess. He actually is a really good boy, I have to remind myself that he is two and just learning about the world. He is so fun right now too, he is so excited for Christmas. Everyday he wakes up and we take a paper chain off our countdown and he asks if he can please open his presents yet. He loves the decorations and when we drive at night he is so excited about the lights. Its fun because I am so excited now too. Spencer is growing too fast. His temperament has changed so much from when he was first born. He is really pleasant now. He is easy to get to smile and giggle. It is fun to watch the two of them interact.
A little side note- the Santa at the Galleria mall is awful, I don't recommend taking your kids there.


Leah and Joe said...

I am so jealous, I wanted to hang out with you two so bad! I am glad you had a fun visit, and I cant wait until I get to come out there too! Steph sure is picking up a lot of nick names!

Debbie said...

What FUN !!!!!! You two looked like you were really enjoying each others company. Wish I could have been there. And don't worry to much about Garret. Everyone has there own time to do things. Wan't he have fun reading all about it when he is older. ( -:

Love, Mom

steph said...

i'm glad you have fun with your sister. i agree, there's nothing better than spending time with your family.

Lindsey said...

A little late to comment, but I am catching up on your life through your blogs now. Have you tried a reward with Garret with the potty training? Like buying hime some kind of cool underwear if he keeps his clean because he wouldnt want the cool kind messy. Just a thought! Love Ya