Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An "Ugly" Christmas Sweater Party

Check out the sweaters (whose do you like best?)

Tyler's turkey!

Our boys didn't have sweaters- so I made them shirts (if you put them together they say Merry Christmas)

Christmas eve we invited basically anyone we knew that was not going out of town for the holidays. We fit 27 people into our little house. The party was so fun. I made rolls (plain and the traditional orange rolls), Tyler made ham, turkey and stuffing. Everyone brought food over and there ended up being tons of food. So we ate and ate and ate. Then we played a little present game (just a simple pass the present if you have it when the song ends- you open one layer with no hands). It was entertaining. Then people visited, some played guitar hero and then we went and worked on a little Christmas service project. I was nervous about doing a service project at our party because I was not sure how people would react to it. I am so glad we did though. People brought donations, we decorated boxes and filled them and were able to take food, toys and household things to two families in need and three different charities. I am glad we were able to it as a group and with our children. For me it was the best part of the party. We were all having fun and doing something for others (isn't that what Christmas is all about?!)

The Game-The Service-

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kristenita said...

I think steph & krystal win the ugly sweater contest! looks like it was a great party! (sad we missed it...) you guys are too funny.