Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Review

I love weekends when we have fun stuff planned. Here are the highlights- Saturday Tyler was off to school as usual- but first we made a yummy breakfast- biscuits and gravy. Then we bid him farewell and the kids and I attempted to get the house in order, make a salad and other menial tasks. This picked up when we headed off to the Smith Christmas party!!! This is only the second party but already it is an even we look forward to. Everyone brought food, Richard and Erica made ham- We have only attempted a ham once but I think next time I am going to try what they do because it was really good. After tons of good food we did a white elephant gift exchange. I think this is the best game for holidays. Last year we brought a giant hanging lamp, this year our gifts were not quite as good but the "dental play dough" set was a hit! In the end we brought home a used George foreman and an autograph pic of Richard and Erica. It's laminated so I think I could use it as a place mat, other possible uses include; mouse pad, dry erase board, shrine or possibly a snow scraper (I think this gift might be the most useful!). Mostly it was fun to get together with friends.

Garret was so tired he fell asleep on the way home. At 8 this morning I had to wake him up and he just kept saying "more night, night, please". At church he kept saying "all done church, home night night". Apparently he is not a latenighter (we did stay out until just before 9).

We woke up today to snow! Garret was so excited. I told him if he kept his underwear clean he could go play in it later. (He has digressed in his potty training the last few days). He kept them clean though and so here he is building a snowman with his Daddy. The snow made Garret's day and Spencer had a great day, Tyler was tickling him and I think he laughed the hardest he has in his whole life. He gets more fun all the time.

By the way, Tyler's coat does not have lights on it- it looks like it does in this pic and Tyler would probably think that was sweet but to my great relief it is merely reflecting.

This evening we headed off to "Nogfest" - I think Adriann (that might be spelled wrong- it looks wrong) Dayton- coined the term. The Dayton's are involved in Young Womens and Elder's quorum so they invited all the families they work with over. It was so fun getting to know everyone better. It was strange to me that I had the oldest kid there. They are such great people, we love working with all of our friends at church. Now here I sit at home the kids are asleep it is 8 and I think Tyler and I might snuggle on the couch and finish the book we are reading together! Then tomorrow we will bid Tyler goodbye again for the week- He has been pretty busy lately.


Debbie said...

What a great time your family and friends have together. I love hearing about all of it. Oh, and the snowman was about the best I have seen. Put a magic hat on him and he will be dancing and singing before you know it.

Love you guys, Mom

Dick&Erica said...

I think you should turn us into a shrine.

steph said...

looks like you guys had a pretty fun weekend. i think it's so funny that garret asks to go back to bed. i don't think many 2 year olds do that!! haha

Leah and Joe said...

What a fun weekend! The white elephant sounds like the most fun, I should start one here!

kristenita said...

that is a sweet snowman.

...and lights on a coat WOULD be cool.

enjoy that foreman!

Jerid & Tiffany said...

I love the snow man. There was a lot of work put into him He's not quite as tall as out 18 foot snow tower :)
Keep up the good work.