Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Let's start at the beginning-

It was a super long week, filled with way to much school for Tyler and way to much of our house for me. We were both anxious for the weekend to come. Not that the weekends always bring a lot of relief from everyday life but there was that chance, thus we met our weekend with much anticipation.

Friday John and Angela invited us to dinner. The Kings were there as well. There were a lot of good things about our visit with them. I didn't have to make dinner! Garret had so much fun with Allison and with Ben. I finally got to meet Christian (he is sooo cute). The Daytons are just great people. We had a lot of fun and it was the perfect break. (Ang if you are reading this- thanks again for the invite!)

I came home tired and went to bed. Poor Tyler headed back to school. He was there most of the night. He has been so busy lately, I hope he knows how proud and thankful I am for him. I think I would probably die if I put in the hours he puts in.

Saturday I went shopping with my friend Kandis. For those of you that don't know Kandis and Josh have been our friends forever. They are our neighbors now! It was fun getting out and spending time with Kandis. She is one of those people I can tell anything too (Something I have come to appreciate- although I probably don't say it enough). While we were shopping Garret and Spencer got Tyler a Christmas present. I practiced over and over with Garret what to say if his Dad asked him what was in it. He was going to say "It's a surprise" well the first time Tyler asked Garret said "A Baseball". Oh well, he told me what he got me too.

Since we are talking about Garret stories. The other day Garret pointed to my wedding ring and I told him about it. Then I said "you will probably marry someone someday". He thought for a moment and said "marry huffalump" . It was cute because he came up with it on his own.

This is starting to sound like a travelogue (sorry). Anyway Saturday night we went to our good friends Rick and Cindy's, these people are just good people. Whenever we spend time with them we leave saying, "we want to be like them". Natalie and Thayne were there too. It was fun getting to know them better. We shared an excellent dinner and then Tyler got to try out the wii. He was pretty excited about that. We are both sore today though. Cindy and Rick spoiled our kids (seriously these people are generous and just the best)! Garret loved playing with everyone, he got all worn out. This morning he woke up refreshed and wanted to go back!

Today we woke up and there was hardly any snow. Everyone had been talking about a big storm that was supposed to come. Spencer had been coughing all night so we decided to let him sleep as long as he would so we didn't go to church. The storm did eventually come. We have a lot of snow. Garret and Tyler shoveled and built a snow fort. Garret thought it was hilarious to hide behind it then Tyler would throw a snowball at the door so I would think they were knocking, then they would ambush me.


Amber said...

HOW FUN! You make me want a house of our own even more.

Debbie said...

All I can say is that the two of you are doing so many things right. Life at your house sounds really good. Love you both tons !!
I am really going to miss you at Christmas.

Love, Mom

Josh and Kandis said...

You are so sweet! I had fun hanging out with you too. We should do it a little more often!! And that pict. of spencer laughing is adorable.