Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Love Lucy

As you all know my Mom is here!!! She happens to be a big "I Love Lucy" fan. We decided to head off to Jamestown today and visit the Lucy museum. Garret's favorite part of the day was the ice cream- maybe someday he will appreciate the classic comedy of Lucy.

43 1/2

I thought everyone would enjoy a quick update (sorry no pics). Things are good here we are trying to recover from sunburns- due to our own stupidity- dont let us ever say we don't need sunscreen again. A sunburn was the last thing I need- as if being 39+ weeks pregnant doesn't come with enough aches and pains. On a more fun note we went to the zoo for a free dinner- Garret enjoyed it a lot. And the best news of all my Mom is here. I am sure I will be posting a lot about all the fun times we have while she is here! Now on to the most discouraging news of all. I currently measure 43 1/2 inches around at my widest point.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Guitar Hero, Temple and Girls Night

Tyler borrowed Guitar Hero from a friend (thank you Andrew) and not only has Garret tried it out but while the girls were out thursday night he had his own Guitar Hero party here.

Thursday was a busy but very good day for us. We went to the temple with Richard and Erica, we traded kids while we each did a session. Then we went to the Chill n' Grill. We tried their hamburgers for the first time- they were good but I am still partial to the ice cream- (who would not be a small is four scoops!)

Thursday night the girls had their first official girls night out. We went to shakespeare in the park. It is at Deleware park, it so pretty there- it was fun to sit out on the grass and watch the play. It took us a while to figure out the language but I think we all had fun getting together. Briste is running things July 5th- hopefully things go well with the baby so I can go. It's always nice to get out with the ladies.

Today was a busy day for us yet again. I help with Young Womens at church and they put on a garage sale. We spent most of our day helping at it. We were hoping for some good bargains but we didn't really find what we were looking for. I guess I will just have to drag Tyler along to more garage sales another time- I'm pretty addicted- what can I say I love a good bargain.

The countdown continues for baby number two- I am pretty sure we are down to 12 days! My Mom comes on Wednesday (what would I do without her?!) so I am going to try and hold out til then but after that I am ready to try anything to get this baby out (within reason of course).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We finally started the blog!

Now the question is what does a person blog about?. . . Since our lives seem to revolve around our twenty month old bundle of energy. I guess we will start with him!!! Garret has been loving the summer- his daddy is home more, the sun is out and he gets to play in the pool!

Since our next baby is due in two weeks- Aaaahhh!!! we have been trying to get in lots of family time before going out gets more complicated (how does a person even go to the grocery store with two babies?- I guess I will find out). We went strawberry picking yesterday and then made homemade jam together- Garret seemed to really enjoy eating the strawberries I am not sure he is the most effective berry picker.

We love the people we have met here in Buffalo. We went to Crystal beach the other day with everyone, it is officially one of the most fun places in the area. I have a feeling we will be
spending lots of time there this summer. If Garret had his way he would be spending all his time in the water with his friend Ella!

The last few days have been as near to blissful as any ever, it a shame we know that summer will end and the Buffalo winter and Dental school will be back before we know it!