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Rachel and Tyler - Fall 2003
1826 days ago (5 years) Tyler and I went on our first date. I have been looking everywhere for a disc I have with both of our versions of our story on it. After we had been married for about a year we decided we needed to record our Courtship- I can't find it. So here are our new versions- I am pretty sure that Tyler's (the blue version) has changed drastically over the years- but mine is still very accurate so if there is a contradiction refer to mine (the red version)Warning to the reader- the following is likely to be lengthy and extremely corny and cheesy- but oh well it's our story all the same!

Ashlee, Stephanie, Leah, Rachel and Tyler
Proudly displaying our mardi Gras beads (No we did not flash anyone- my Sister served her mission in the south)
Well if you want to hear the real story and not the National Enquirer version DO NOT pay attention to the RED comments. It goes a little something like this: I had just got back from my mission about two and a half months ago and I was up at BYU Idaho. I new student, timid shy, not really knowing very many people. I had actually only come to BYU Idaho because it had been along time since I had really got to spend time with my sister and so I came there to be by her. I didn't really know what my plans were but I was pretty sure that I didn't want to stick around Rexburg, Idaho. So I was just taking some pretty chiller classes. One of them was christian history (which actually turned out to be a little challenging). I came to classes the first day and was kinda nervous because I still felt a little dorky, you know, the post mission weirdness was still wearing off. So in class I met this girl named Rachel, she was one of those girls that likes to flirt, and date, but is not really serious about relationships. I knew her type from the start. She would flirt with all the guys around her and then wonder why they would ask her out time and time again. She of course shot most of them down especially this poor guy named Derek. We would talk every once in a while and she would have little witty comments that she thought were totally innocent. Well I have a bit of a confession to make after a couple of days I actually forgot what her name was and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to ask her out because she seemed like a fun date, someone who didn't want to get too serious, and my roommate told me to find somebody so I could go with him and his girlfriend to a concert (string quartet) that they were going to that night. So I figured out her name in class that day, and when class was over I got up the guts and as we were walking out of the building I said, "Hey Rachel I was wondering if you would want to go to a concert with me. My friend and his girlfriend are going and I don't want to be a third wheel. So what do you think?" She replied, "Oh sorry, I am actually going to be out of town this weekend, but thanks for asking maybe some other time". Then I said, "When the concert is actually tonight so if you want to go that would be great, if not that's cool too". She inevitably had to say yes I had her trapped in a corner. So she said sure and I said great and we went our separate ways. I got ready later that night and I looked pretty sharp if you must ask. I got her a flower because come on, I'm a gentleman. I went to go pick her up and she looked beautiful. It was weird because it was like I was seeing a new person that I hadn't fully noticed before. The words "hot" and "snuggle" and "wow" just might have run through my mind, but still it hadn't hit me quite yet. So we went to the concert, which was great, and then we went to an ice cream place called Hogi Yogi. She pretty much teased me the whole night, but I thought it was fun that she wasn't nervous around me. So on the way back to drive her home, being the romantic I am, I got an idea to pull over to the side of the road and we all got out and I dance with her for the first time to an Josh Grobon song. Call me sappy, but at that moment I knew that I would marry Rachel Beck, come to find out it would be a little later then I thought, but lucky for I stuck it out. Now this is where it gets juicy. The next day she calls me up, yes SHE CALLED ME, and don't let her tell you anything different. We talked about stuff and a part of our conversation went a little something like this, (a little background, previously in our class we had made a little wager and I had lost so I owed her something) Me - "Well i hope you had fun last night", Rachel - " yeah I did", "hey about that bet from class, I need to pay up on it, so is the price going to be?" Rachel - "well maybe I will just have to get some more of what I got last night" NOW DOESN'T THAT SOUND LIKE SHE WANTED TO GO ON ANOTHER DATE? To this day she denies that but I am totally telling the truth. I am not saying that I didn't want to go out with her again because I did, I am just saying that it wasn't one sided. So I will go to the grave with this story. Well I hope you enjoyed the real version. I in all honesty will be grateful for all time that I was blessed enough to find and marry the best friend I could have ever hoped for. Thanks for the first five years love, I am looking forward to them all. I love you FOREVER!!!

Before a dance- Tyler decorated his living room with pictures of us!
Winter semester 2003 at BYU-Idaho, Tyler and I both took a Christian history class. Tyler sat in front of me and we quickly became friends (He was such a flirt). On January 15th Tyler's roommates talked him into getting a date for a symphony the next night. When he came to class he felt like he should ask me to be his date. I tried to get out of it because at the time I had no interest in dating anyone (I was 19 so I did not want to date a RM). I told him I was busy that weekend and he said that's fine because it's tonight (Thursday January 16th). I had no excuse so I agreed to go.

Before Sweetharts Ball
When Tyler picked me up for our first date he was wearing his suit and I will admit he looked pretty good (until this point I had not realized what a catch he was)! I went into the date a little reluctant but as the concert went on I started really enjoying myself (I still remember thinking he was a little odd because he was really proud of his knock off watch). We had no trouble finding things to talk about. After the symphony we went to get ice cream (Hogi-Yogi) and I had a lot of fun teasing Tyler. He took it surprisingly well and even tried to dish it out. When we left the restaurant and headed for home, Tyler pulled the car over and turned on Josh Groban and asked me to dance right there in the parking lot (how romantic!). While we danced I looked up at him and according to him that is when he began to fall in love with me (it took me months and months to catch up- but I am glad he stuck with me).

Showing off the "Ghetto" Sweats
When I got home I told all my roommates what a good date I had been on. I did not really know where it would go but I had enjoyed myself. The next day I was not expecting a phone call but when I got home from class there was a message for me (Tyler will deny this to the grave but he called and if I could find our older version of the story he admitted to it- maybe that's why I can't find it he destroyed the evidence). So after much contemplation I called him back- and that is how our story started.

But why stop here- I will give a very abbreviated description of our dating adventures-

At Josh and Kandis's wedding (hey Kandis were you at our wedding?!)
We became really good friends and started going for walks at night. We talked about everything and realized we had a lot in common and that we never got tired of one another's company. We started dating and went on lots of fun memorable dates (check out the pictures). We had our first kiss in his car but we don't count that one (it was not a very good kiss), the next was right outside of my brother Dan's apartment (we consider this our first real kiss- it was much better). In March of the same year we took a trip to Utah to visit friends and family. This was probably one of the best weekends we have ever had. I think this is when I realized I loved Tyler- I wasn't ready to admit it but I did (While we were on this trip I mentioned to Tyler that I would love to see my Grandma's grave we were not sure where it was and he went out of his way to take me there and was so kind to me when I got all emotional and I realized I wanted to be with someone that recognized when something was important to me and thus it was important to them). Horseback riding at my cousins
The semester ended all too quickly and we went our own ways for the summer. I was in Washington and Tyler was in Colorado. We left as just friends but ended up talking basically every day on the phone. In late summer Tyler came to visit me - he showed up a day early- he surprised me at work. He walked in with a huge bouquet of flowers and totally took me off guard, I could go on and on about all the sweet, romantic, thoughtful things Tyler has done while we were dating and since! (Being apart for the summer really helped us realize what we wanted and we got to know each other really well by talking all the time)Tyler hiked Mt. Eleanor when he visited me the summer we were dating (Check out how in shape he was- so hot!)
We spent Thanksgiving in South Dakota (I guess we thought it would be fun to do a little kissy kissy in front of the old guys)
Before we knew it the summer was over and we were both back at school. This time we came back ready to see where things were going. We dated all through September and then in October Tyler proposed. Being the romantic that he is he had planned an elaborate proposal. However I threw off his plans a little when I got an assignment for my corrections class. I had to spend 24 hours in the bathroom (it had to do with solitary confinement). It happened to take place when Tyler had planned to ask. So contrary to his nature he left the romantic stuff behind and proposed to me on the doorstep of my apartment. He had left me a card inside saying he wanted to spend forever with me and if I wanted to spend forever with him to open the door. I waited a few minutes just to build suspense! Then I opened the door and said yes!
Ashlee, Nichole, Heather, Trenton, Dan, Marc, Anna, Leah, Stephanie, Tyler and Rachel
Finally April 30, 2004 rolled around. We were so excited and ready for this day. I stayed the night before at my Aunt Tauni's house with my sisters and friends. She fixed my hair for me and helped with so many things all day. Tyler stayed with his family. We both thought we might be nervous but we were not nervous at all- just excited. That morning we saw each other at the temple; Tyler forgot his white shirt and was really funny about it. We changed into our clothes and then talked with the sealer. As the guests arrived we waited in another room and just kind of sat there and smiled and could not get over our excitement. When everyone had arrived we were married and sealed for time and all eternity. It was such a great moment- realizing we had just started our family. We shared our marriage with friends and family but most importantly with the Lord in his house.

The bride and the groom!
When we came out of the temple we were all smiles. Everyone was talking and taking pictures. It was perfect weather, perfect company- just the best day. We had a luncheon at Outback. Tyler sang me a song while we were there- it was the sweetest most romantic thing. We had a reception that evening. There was horrible traffic between Seattle and Shelton which meant some decorations and such were late getting there- but at this point we didn't care! (some people hate their weddings- we were the opposite, I think I would marry Tyler once a year if I could it was so much fun)
If you enlarge the picture you will see we are imitating the cake topper
We went to Disney World for our honeymoon, then celebrated our marriage again in Colorado. We have lived in three states sine we met- we have been to many more than that. we have two beautiful boys. We have degrees and experience. We have been through some great times and some not so great times but whatever we have done and been through these last five years we have done together.

The tower of terror, the best part of this ride is that the old lady next to Tyler got so scared she practically threw herself on Tyler

So thank you Tyler for asking me out- for sticking with me and for making these years the best. I love youYes my hair was black


Debbie said...

Tyler and Rachel, that is so great that you have written all of that down to share with others. What wonderful memories !! I would have to say though, that I am sure that Tyler made the phone call in question. You see, I taught my girls NOT to call boys, and since Rachel ALWAYS obeyed my every word, especially when she was single, I am sure that she did not make that call. Otherwise, I would have to call her and have a little chat.
You guys keep making wonderful memories like you have so far, and you will both be happy forever.

I love you guys,

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories of romance & love you have of your life together & it is so nice that you have recorded those memories for each other & your families!! We have lots of fun & crazy memories from your dating too...We're so glad that you found each other, 1826 days ago, well today it would be 1827!!!
Have a great weekend together!
Love to all,
Mom, Dad & Trenton

Water Buffalo said...

I loved reading your stories and seeing all the pictures. You were such a beautiful bride!

Josh and Kandis said...

You two are so cute! I want us to do this too. And by the way thanks for being the better friends and coming to our wedding...we'll just leave it at that! :)

steph said...

awwww...cute stories...both versions!! i didn't realize it but you guys got married 6 days after dave and i. crazy!! and rachel, i like you with black hair!!!