Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2007 could have been a bad year but it was a great year. I say it could have been bad because Tyler was so busy with school and learning to manage two kids was hard but I am happy to report that despite what challenges we faced this year we had a wonderful year. It was a year full of blessings, trials, adventures, joy, and family.

A few highlights from the year;
- Baby Spencer (affectionately known as Spency) was born July 5 at 12:07 in the morning
- Garret changed from a baby to a big boy this year (He talks all the time now, he runs, he jumps, he has an opinion about everything, he says sweet and funny things all on his own)
- This summer we played together as a family soooooo much! (the pool, the Corning museum of glass, the beach, Rochester, baseball. . .)
- We worked on some projects around our house (Carport, basement, living room)
- We visited DC
- We started some traditions we hope to keep up every year

Some lessons we learned;
- Never leave a glass pan on a stove burner - It will explode
- Just because a child knows how to use the bathroom does not make them potty trained
-It is possible to have a baby without an epidural- although I don't know why people would choose to go through that much pain.
-Being married is the best (OK so I already knew that but this year was a really good year for me and Tyler- and I was reminded- like always that I am glad I married my best friend- cliche I know but true)
-Having two kids is a challenge but if you last 8 weeks you start to enjoy it
-There are things in life you can say "I will or will not do"- somethings really are black or white
-The new Jane Eyre is by far the best (this may not seem like something worth mentioning but that is because you have not seen it- watch it and you will understand why I love it)
- I love Buffalo (yes we are going to leave when we are done here but Buffalo has a certain charm I will miss- I love the history, the anticipation for summer, the fact that there is not traffic, the people)
-If I could I would spend the vast majority of my day reading (I have always loved reading but gotten into it more lately)
-There is a reason for swimmer diapers- the other kind can explode
-There is a reason you are suppose to use Sun screen (Tyler and I learned this the hard way)
-Being bumped on flights is the greatest way to fly
-Family is the most important thing! (Yes, we knew this already too but it really is)
And so many other things! I have really learned to be OK being different (I don't know if I learned this this year) as long as I believe in what I am doing I am not affected by those around me that don't agree with me (For example it used to really bother me when people would criticize me for staying home with my kids, or for my stance on social things- I can brush these things off better).

I still have so many things to learn. I have set goals for 2008 so hopefully I am able to make the changes I need to in my life. But I can honestly say that 2007 was a great year!


Debbie said...

I loved your comments !!! Reading your blog always makes me feel good. You are such a fine daughter, and you are doing such a nice job with your family. Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

P.S. Some of those things you learned - I probably tried to teach you when you were younger!!
( -: :- )


I enjoyed reading your "lesson's learned". Just wanted you to know that someone is reading and appreciating, since that probably took some time to contemplate and write.