Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Club- "These is my words"

For book club we read "These is my Words". I had never heard anything about this book before and it took me a little while to get into it and used to the format it was written in. Once I was a fourth of the way into it or so I really liked it. It was the story of a pioneer woman, it is written as her journal (this format limited you to seeing only what she saw and thought, sometimes it would have been entertaining to see things from an outsiders perspective but it was good for getting to know and love her character and you feel very close to her). At first she is trekking across the plains, they eventually settle in Arizona. You get to see what life was like for them and some of the struggles they went through and you get a real sense of how strong they were. I also enjoyed her relationship with Jack Elliott. Whenever I see pictures of pioneers they look so cold and serious that I have trouble picturing them falling love but they did (at least some of the time) despite the conditions they lived in. I would definitely recommend the book.

At book club we didn't actually spend much time talking about the book but it is always so nice getting together. Last night I carpooled and we decided not to stay to long- I think we were there til 12:30- I think we forget how much we love being around other adults with no kids until we get together. Getting up this morning was not the easiest thing but it was worth it to get together with friends!

Tonight Tyler and I are going out in honor of our five years since our first date! (we couldn't go Wednesday because I had to help with Young Women's). I am so excited to go on a nice date with Tyler!


steph said...

haha...i had a hard time getting up this morning too.

kristenita said...

part of the reason I like it so much is because it IS in journal format. maybe I'm just nosy though - I would love to read people's journals if I could! maybe that's why I love blogging... anyway, glad you liked the book, too!