Saturday, January 19, 2008

I don't wanna grow up

Friday night Tyler and I went to dinner and then to the play Peter Pan (it was definitely not the best play we have been to but it was fun). The whole time I kept thinking "oh I wish Garret were here". Tyler and Garret just finished reading a little chapter book of Peter Pan and Garret loved it. It's funny how even when I am apart from my kids they consume my mind. Here are some silly pics of Tyler and I before our date-

On to other things-

Today we went sledding with a bunch of friends (there will be more pics coming- You have got to see the "pile-up"- I will write about that later). Garret was so excited to go. He went down with Tyler, got snow in his face the first time but they figured out better ways as they kept going. He wouldn't go down with me. It was a lot of fun and always fun getting together with friends.

This is Garret's smile he does for pictures now (sometimes he still just runs away, so this is better than that).
Garret and Spencer play together more and more everyday- Love it!


Anonymous said...

So glad you 2 got to go out and enjoy a night together...Tyler's 1st movie was Peter Pan, thank goodness nobody in the theater minded that he was saying Peter Pan, Peter Pan throughout the whole show! What cute pictures of everyone, they always make our day...Miss & Love you all so much,
Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Trenton

Debbie said...

The picture of the "Three Men" is so cute, and they all look so much alike !!!! How you must love them. Take care, I love you all,

Love, Mom

kristenita said...

you look SO pretty in that first picture of your date night.

christy said...

my boys love playing the baskets too! it's a boat, a turtle shell, a tank, a house....and now haven plays!i love that picture of you guys on the first date!