Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wind Storm and more

Yesterday was so windy! Seriously so windy. In fact our gate broke in half. It is kind of sad becuase Tyler and I spent a lot of time painting that gate and I like having it in the summer so I don't have to worry about the kids leaving the yard. At least it was just a gate.

I was at the store the other day and I bought Tyler his birthday present. I have been wanting to get him a cheap guitar for his birthday and I found one. I kind of gave it to him early. Three months early. He loved it. I just hope he doesn't mind not getting anything on his birthday (it's our anniversary too so we will still be celebrating).

I had a doctors apointment this week and Garret was sure I was going to bring home a baby. He provides me with constant entertainment these days. He also thinks Tyler is a giant and that I am a "big boy" becuase I use the "potty". So much fun!

Something else exciting!- We were able to find the blogs of some of our really good friends from BYU-Idaho. I think you can really tell when people have impacted your life by the way you feel about them years later. All of Tyler's roommates from his first semester at BYUI met the people they were going to marry the same semester so we all shared those fun times together.
Garret has named Josh and Kandis's baby Harvey. They found out today that Harvey is in fact a boy! Tyler's sister Tia finds out what she is having today as well. We haven't heard yet but are anxious to here. Garret and Spencer will love having a cousin on that side.


Debbie said...

I can not tell you enough just how much I am enjoying your blog. I love hearing about how you feel, and about all of the things you are doing together. And I love,love,love all the pilctures !! It is so nice to be able to watch your family grow. Keep it up, Love, Mom

Josh and Kandis said...

Woah...3 months early you must have been really excited! We'll have to hear him play next time we are over there. And WHO named our baby "Harvey" i'm sure Garret just came up with that on his own. :)

steph said...

that's a good gift!! and cute matching jammies!