Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Mmmm. . . that tase good"

Last night Garret was practicing tracing circles. He wanted to show Tyler how well he did. Tyler was taking a nap (he had been up studying the night before and was going to go back to the school last night- so he was pretty tired). Garret walked in and said "look Daddy, tracing" I think Tyler heard something about tasting because he started licking the paper saying "mmm. . . taste good buddy". I was dying laughing saying "Tyler he traced it- don't eat it". Tyler snapped out of it eventually.
Tyler's unusual behavior when sleeping is not a new thing. Here are a few of my favorites-
-When the movie "War of the Worlds" came out I woke up in the middle of night to see Tyler using his hands as guns making shooting noises as he attacked "aliens".
-One night I woke up because I had been punched and Tyler was screaming "no no no no" over and over. I quickly moved out of the way so that his punches would assault the mattress rather than me. He woke up at some point and felt really bad (I am sure he was dreaming about protecting me- not attacking me)
-Fairly recently he got up in the middle of night to check and see if the door was locked and when we woke up in the morning our door was wide open.
-Whenever we stay at my sisters house she gets up to see if her kids are awake in the middle of the night because she hears so much talking- Nope just Tyler (luckily I have learned to sleep through most of his rambling)
Basically when Tyler is sleeping you have no idea what kind of adventure to expect!


Anthony & Kristie said...

Those stories are hilarious. Did you fire Tyler from checking to make sure the door is locked, so you don't wake up with your door wide open?

Leah and Joe said...

I told Joe that story, he got a good laugh! Sometimes he does funny stuff too. Once when he was really tired, I was trying to tell him what keagels are, and he was like 'yeah, I know its a type of dog we used to have one'!

Johnny and Angela said...

Totally funny! Tyler - don't feel bad, I sleep talk and walk too.

B-Handsome said...

I am glad I am not the only person who does odd things in his sleep. Liz kissed me goodnight after I was already asleep and apparently I told her "to go away and that she was annoying me". Sounds really rude but I swear I don't remember a thing.

Aaron & Devony said...

that's so funny! When we first got married, instead of rolling over Aaron would kind of bounce off the bed (so his clothes didn't get all twisted he said). This usually resulted with at least 1 elbow in my back. He also talks in his sleep sometimes. Glad to know yours does too!