Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh Garret

Garret- "Me marry. . .Allison. . .Ella. . .Abygail. . .someday"

Garret- "Me night-night right now please"
Me- "No you have to wait, it’s not nap time yet"
Garret- "Me night-night two minutes on couch please"
Me- "No not even for two minutes, you have to stay awake"
Garret- "pleeeease"

Me- "Does mommy get hugs and kisses?"
Garret- "No"
Me- "why not?"
Garret- "They still in my tummy"

Garret- "Daddy best buddy"
Me- "and what is mommy"
Garret- "you Mommy. .silly"
Garret does not like the vacuum, he stays on the couch the entire time it is out and will not get off- no matter what. . .then last time Spencer, who was in his walker, dropped his toy and Garret went and saved it for him. I was so proud of him for overcoming his fear to help his brother. It was so cute too becuase it was a mad dash there and back (probably the fastest I've seen him run).

Garret is so fun; he is always saying funny things, playing pretend (usually we are dinosaurs, baseball players or going for airplane rides). He loves his friends and begs for them to come over. He loves to be our little helper and never ceases to entertain us.

On a side note- I hate folding socks and they are never all there- where do they go? When kids get older are they better about putting both socks in the laundry?


Natalie said...

He is so cute!

Debbie said...

NO !!!!!!
Kids never get better at getting both socks in the laundry. Steve still has problems. The only ones to cure themselves of this malady are the ones that do the laundry.

Love always, Mom

P.S. Garret is so stinkin cute !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cute little Grandson Garret is & we know Spencer is a cutie too... We are so lucky as Grandparents! By the way good luck with the never ending sock dilema...The socks will get a little closer to the laundry basket as the years go by, so there is some hope!!
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Trenton