Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie

Garret went to his first movie last night! He was so excited to be going on a "date" with Daddy that he drove me crazy all day. All day it was "open window, watch daddy", "me ready movie, mommy" or "Momma Mia (I think Tyler taught him to call me this) please movie right now". He loved it though! (Richard and Ella and John and Allison were there too) Tyler said he was in zombie mode the whole time. When he came home he said the TV was this big (with his arms spread as far as they would go).

We watched Allison and Christian for a little while. Spencer just watched Christian the whole time. The other night Garret called my Mom to ask her to sing her tuna fish songs (My Mom still remembers these random old commercial songs- Garret thought they were hillarious). He has been walking around going "bumbumbumbumblebeetuna".

Here are Spencer and Garret playing on the bed. I think they look cute all snuggled up.

Me and Spencer spent the evening together since we didn't go to the movie. Here are a couple quick pictures I took of him. It was nice having time to spend with just him. I feel guilty sometimes because I don't get to just sit and read him books and sing to him as often as I would like.

We also had book club last night. It was fun getting together and discussing. We read "Silent partner". It was by the wife of Senator McGrevey. I don't think it ended up being what anyone thought it would be. It was not written that well and it was kind of a traveloge (like my blog- but I'm not trying to sell it!). At least it did lead to some discussion- and its good to try new types of books so that was another positive. Basically I just thought the author and her husband were in it for the wrong reasons, I dont think there was a lot of love there on either side. I think even if he had not been having an affair it was still a bad marriage. They didn't communicate, they didn't have common interests (aside from politics) and they cared to much about what other people thought of them.
We also threw a little mini-shower for Kashann. Kashann is having her fifth baby- her first boy! Congratulations! So of course we had good food and the company was good, so overall it was a good night out!


Leah and Joe said...

I love your kids, they are soooo cute!

Debbie said...

What cute boys you have(yes Tyler, I am talking about you too). It sounds like everyone had a good time yesterday.
Tell Garret that I have a great "hot dog" song that he is going to love !! Only problem is - it will drive you crazy.

Love, Mom

sarahjohn said...

Oh my goodness, your boys are so cute, I think they look alike. How cute, and little father son date? Did garret sit still the whole time?

steph said...

i bet it was so fun to spend time alone with spencer. and i bet garret was in heaven being with his daddy.


Rachel, I hated the book, But I love your blog. You have the cutest boys ever and I love your honest style. Don't ever take anything I say personally and thanks for the intimate little shower. It was so fun for this old time mother.

Amber said...

Your kids are truly adorable! It sounds like Garret had fun and that you enjoyed your Spencer time.

Just the Three of Us said...

I think Spencer looks so much like you Rach! Those pictures are crazy cute! What a fun night!

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

How fun for daddy and Garret to go out! I am with Jennie on this...your boys look so much like you. They are sooo cute!! They are going to be such good friends growing up.