Thursday, February 21, 2008


There is something thrilling about doing impulsive things. Since having kids I have not been able to be as spontaneous as I would like. I grew up with a Dad that brought me rotten eggs and told me to go have fun (he taught me however not to damage things while having fun), he encouraged toilet papering (my friends and I even did the bishops house on one occasion- he did have a couple rules "don't get caught", "if you do get caught help clean it up", "only pull pranks that don't damage things and to people to that will enjoy that fact that you are thinking about them when you are not with them" his rules went something like that... those are the ones I remember listening too and following); Tyler and I (prekids) loved to just randomly go visit my sister who lived six hours away, random water fights, last minute outings- I just think it is so fun to feel like doing it and do it without necessarily considering the consequences (not immoral things- just fun things and even those seem to have unexpected consequences- it's part of the fun) Well last night I had one of those rare impulsive chances again and stayed at girls night till 4. It was so fun- it may take a day to recover but it was so worth it. I guess I get stir crazy then when I get the chance to stay out I take advantage of it! Although I do always - without fail come home thinking - Did I really disclose that much about myself. . . I also always feel bad because I think I talk too much at girl’s nights but let’s face it talking to a two-year-old all week hardly counts as real conversation (and I like to talk). Thanks Erica for hosting us at your house- So Fun!

A side note about my Dad- he was not always willing to support our escapades but I think there came a point in time that he knew we were going to go out looking for "adventure" so why not make sure it was at least safe- plus he scored a lot of "cool" points for assisting. (I'm not really sure Mom knew about the eggs- I think I remember Dad saying, "just don't tell your mom"- whoops)


Debbie said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear all that you girls talked about until 4 in the morning. But then, I would probably have just fallen asleep anyway.
Love, Mom

P.S. Oh, and will have to have a talk with Dad a little later on !!

Aaron & Devony said...

I totally agree about girls nights and I'm sure everyone else does too! We all talk like crazy when we get around others that feel the same way! That's why we HAVE girls nights! Sounds like it was fun!