Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine's Tag

I got tagged again (Thanks Steph)- This time it's a list of questions about Me and Tyler (I love to talk about me and Tyler so this one will be fun!) Here goes-
How long have you been together? We started dating 5 years ago and the end of April we will have been married 4 years

How old is he? 26

How old are you? 24

Who eats more? Hmmmm. . .probably Tyler. . .Although I did eat the double big jud (if you ever lived in Rexburg you know what I am talking about 2 pounds of meat plus toppings and a bun- nasty)

Who said "I love you" first? Tyler was the first one to say it-mean it and never take it back. I was unsure of what I wanted at the time- I would say "I love you" one day - then say "but just as a friend" the next.

Who is taller? Tyler

Who sings better? That would be Tyler- definently Tyler- I sing like my Dad (no offense Dad, but I can still hear you singing your camp granada song!- love it)

Who is smarter? This questions not fair because there is no way to compare. I had a better GPA in undergrad but I had a different major. He will be a doctor when he is done so I guess he will have a better degree. But Garret calls me Doctor Mom when he has an owie so I guess we are even.

Who does the laundry? Usually me, but if Tyler is around he helps. He folds the clothes neater (is that a word) than me so I like it when he does it.

Who does the dishes? Once again me, unless Tyler is around. I have this habit of washing dishes but leaving the ones that have caked on food to "soak" which is code word for "Tyler will you please do them"- amazingly he understands the code and does them- he is the best!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I think Tyler has been lately but who knows who will tonight, we don't have set sides.

Who pays the bills? The loans pay the bills (Someday Tyler will be paying the bills- but I am the one who actually signs the checks)

Who mows the lawn? Tyler most of the time but I do whenever I can - I actually enjoy mowing the lawn.

Who cooks dinner? I cook most nights. I have to cook becuase Tyler likes to make these amazing dinners- that taste incredible but we would have to take out way more loans if he cooked every night.

Who is more stubborn? First instinct says me but Tyler can be stubborn when he wants to be. I think that we are both pretty laid back and easy going though.

Who kissed who first? It depends. We have two first kisses. The one we don't normally admit to and the we like to think of as our first kiss. The not so good one, I kissed him first. The much better one He kissed me first. I guess thats what I get for being a little to forward.

Who asked who out? Tyler asked me out.

Who proposed? This one is fun to because there were a couple times when Tyler asked me to marry him becuase he was caught up in the moment then said (no, don't answer me- I'm not really asking you yet). But when he really asked me it was so sweet. He was so nervous and shaking.

Who is more sensitive? We are both sensitive. Not the type of sensitive that gets bent out of shape easy but we are sentimental. We like cheesy romantic things, we cry when our kids do new things, we love romantic movies, reminiscing, and all the mushy I love you stuff.

Who has more friends? I feel like we are both blessed to have a lot of friends. I'm not sure who has more. I am better at keeping in touch with people than he is.

Who has more siblings? I have 3 sisters and a brother. Everyone is married now so it's a pretty big group. Tyler has a sister and brother. His sister is married.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? It depends on the issue. We balance each other well.

Who are you tagging? Cliff and Courtney and Mark and Jenni

Since this was about my Valentine I will include a little about our first valentines together.

These are the only pics I could find from our first valentines day- See the hearts on my wall and Tyler's rose!
Our first Valentines Tyler went a little overboard for only knowing me for a month- I loved that he cared so much though- so it was perfect. I came home from school and he had decorated my room with hearts and each heart said something he liked about me on it. Then on my bed were gerber daisies, a book (love books), a box of muffin mix (I think I had made these for him) and I think I am forgeting something. Anyway it was cute. (I gave him a rose I welded- I think that might have been it). Then we went on a double date with Mark and Jenni and I think if I remember right Cliff was in on setting up the date (that is why I tagged you guys). The guys took us to the river and they had this romantic dinner set up for us. It was so refreshing dating someone that liked to make things special and who was not afraid to make a big deal out of being together. I also remember this date becuase Mark told Jenni in a card that he loved her and Jenni was so excited. It was so cute! (But then I got nervous because I was afraid Tyler might say he loved me- I was not ready for that yet!)

This picture is from "Sweetharts Ball" I think this was around Valentine's day. My little sister came to visit so we set her up and we went with Mark and Jenni. We went to Jackson hole first for dinner then went dancing.

Around that same time we spent the night at Tia's (Tyler's sisters house). We decided to tie the guys in their apartment. So we tied ropes from the door to the railing. Then we called asking them to help us with something (Can't remember what). We tied ourselves in as well so they wouldn't know who did it. Finally they got out came to help us but we had someone on the balcony above ready to sabotage them. To make a long story short a war started- The Girls Won! This is our victory breakfast!Like I said earlier I am sentimental (I am trying to gradually record all the memories I can so they will be my next blog book)


TyLER said...

I love you my dear. Thanks for all the memories.

Love you Forever,


TyLER said...

Did I just say "my dear" that kind sounds like something my grandma would say to me. Wierd... Well, I love you.


steph said...

that's funny that you don't sleep on certian sides of the bed. haha. i'm way too compulsive to be able to do that!!

you guys are cute and mushy!! i like it.

Debbie said...

That was so incredibly fun for me to read !!! I hope you two always stay the same - crazy and in love !!!
Love, Mom

P.S. Tyler, cute comments - I loved it.

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

I loved the pictures you guys have...Cliff and I never did a good job at documenting our relationship. It made me sad that Cliff and I were not dating when you guys took those was fun to see you guys and Mark and Jennie.

Oh and thanks alot for the tag...I will need sometime to think about some of those questions!

Take care

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

I loved the pictures you guys have...Cliff and I never did a good job at documenting our relationship. It made me sad that Cliff and I were not dating when you guys took those was fun to see you guys and Mark and Jennie.

Oh and thanks alot for the tag...I will need sometime to think about some of those questions!

Take care

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

sorry of the double post...not sure what happened there!

Just the Three of Us said...

I want these pictures! I don't have these...and I'm loving the reminder of it all! Will you email them to me?

Loved this entry and I'll most definitaly get to the tagged part of this. Rachel and Ty; are so great!

Christopher and Alicia said...

how cute was this post? i am also in amazement that you don't have designated sides of the bed. it seems like christopher and i switch every time we move, but that first night in a new place sets the precedence for the entire length of our stay there.
i also cracked up about you soaking dishes and that means for tyler to do them - i never thought about actually verbalizing it, but that's what i do too! christopher will get a kick out of that. happy valentine's day! you guys are cute!

Just the Three of Us said...

He totally did say it in a card that day but I count the time he actually said it with words...which was still over the phone. The card way was cheating...adorable but cheating. So I found a bunch of cute pictures from that day and others and as soon as I can get them scanned I'll send them to you!

christy said...

you guys are so cute! totally made for each other, or M.F.E.O. i love that sleepless in seattle movie!