Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a great Easter this year. Grandma was here with us and Garret is finally getting old enough to understand what is going on. When we said "why do we have Easter" he would say "Jesus Resurrected". We got him children's scriptures and I am sure he will enjoy them. We did the usual stuff, eggs, candy, a little lesson and a very good dinner.

My Mom brought a few little things for the boys. She is so fun- before we set anything out the night before she showed me some socks she picked up. She thought they would enjoy having Easter socks (which they did). However when she got them she did not realize they were pink socks. Neither Tyler or I were to worried about it so here are our cutie pies showing over there Easter Socks.

Since we are talking about my Mom and Easter I have to mention Peeps. My Mom loves them (she doesn't eat them as often anymore- but I remember a time when she could take down a box in a matter of minutes). Whenever I see them I want to buy them just because they remind me of my Mom.
Easter was also my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad- Thanks for being such a great Dad to all of us. My Dad has always been a great example. He is a hard working (seriously hard working), fun, little bit crazy kind of a guy, that I miss and love and I hope had a great day despite the fact that Mom was here. Love You Dad!- Here is a little photo tribute (Dad as a little guy- hard to believe, Dad with hair- also hard to believe, and Dad holding Spencer)


Just the Three of Us said...

Pink Socks! I love it! I now want some for Payton! Lucky boys you have!

Alicia said...

I can't believe how much Garret looks like your Dad's younger picture, that's a little bit creepy!!

Glad to hear you had a fun time in Boston - sorry you didn't love the hotel, but I guess at least it was cheap! =)

And yes, I thought about starting a blog and then got cold feet... if I end up doing it, I'll let you know!