Thursday, March 6, 2008

A great week- gone wrong

This week started out with the potential of being an awesome week.

-Monday night was book club- which I love. We read Escape about a woman who escaped from the FLDS in Colorado City. It was a page turner- but oh so sad. It was so crazy thinking that all of this stuff was happening in America in our day. I think people have a right to believe what they want but not to the point of this book. It was abuse right and left. I think that one of the scariest parts of this book was that these people are so secluded and so they have little contact with the outside world and they are not taught about the outside world or encouraged to question their religion. I think everyone no matter what religion they are should know why they believe what they believe. We actually talked about this book at book club which was fun!

- Tuesday was enrichment. I actually went and even though I ended up in the nursery for a lot of it. It was nice seeing everyone.

I was busy and getting out and then Garret got sick and then Spencer too. Not just a runny nose. We had throw-up (I can not handle this smell) and fevers. Then I got sick. I felt so wiped out (and still do) but I still have to take care of the kiddos. We got tickets to see "The Drowsy Chaperone" (thanks Cathy) so even though I was sick- I went. Who would pass up a good musical?! I loved it. It was so funny and the songs were cute and it was at Shea's which is so beautiful (it was built back in the day when every detail was important) and we went with our friends Glenn and Christy.

Here is a picture of Tyler and I before the play (not only do I look like a ghost- you can totally see my Spencer hairs- that's what I call the hair that fell out after Spencer and is now growing in- does anyone else have this problem? I hate it- I even tried to hide them and some of them still stuck out)

We are all gradually getting better. I can not believe how often we have gotten sick this winter. I don't know if it is because Tyler is in dental school and when people are sick in dental school they still go (because there is little choice) or if it is because Garret is in nursery now. Either way I am not a fan.

Here are pictures of Garret and Spencer when they were about the same age- both so cute!


kristenita said...

your babies look almost like TWINS. you guys are going to always have those awesome family pictures with a bunch of look-alikes! :) cute.

I love going to shea's! it is so beautiful.

your "spencer hairs" are totally unnoticeable. I had no idea what you were talking about - they look fine! I do have this problem too but I never knew what it was from. be glad your hair isn't curly - I get these weird little teeny curls right there & there is no hiding them. ha ha!

get well soon. THOSE DENTAL STUDENTS NEED TO WEAR MASKS TO KEEP THEIR GERMS TO THEMSELVES! I think that would help a ton. and disinfecting the toys each week after nursery...

Amber said...

I hate my "jackson hairs" they look like I have wings just above my ears - yuk!!!

Let me know if you guys need anything. I'd be happy to help in anyway I can.

I guess the illnesses are one good thing about Jason NOT being in dental school :)

Rachel and Tyler said...

I have a ton of Spencer hairs right about my ears too (they look like side burns) its so awful. I love my hair while I am pregnant, none of it falls out- seriously none, then bam three months after the baby is born I lose all nine months worth at once and it all grows in together. You would think once you had the baby it would be over-NOPE.

Josh and Kandis said...

That sucks you guys are sick. Let me know if you need anything. and those picts of your kids are so dang cute!!

Water Buffalo said...

Landon is 18 months old and my hair is just now back to normal. I was afraid for awhile I would have messed up hair forever..not to mention clogging up our drains repeatedly. That second picture of Spencer is adorable. Both of your kids have gorgeous big brown them!

Rachel and Tyler said...

The second picture is Garret!

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

This winter has been horrible!!!! There is nothing worse than mom getting sick...I am glad you guys are on the mend.

Your boys are soooo cute....they look so much alike at the same age. And you looked great for being sick!!

Anonymous said...

What cutie's we have!!! We're glad you guys are on the mend.
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Trenton

Debbie said...

This is what happens when I skip looking at the blogs for a couple of days - I am what? the tenth person to leave a message!!
I am glad that you had a good first of the week, and sad that the last half was so bad.
But one thing for sure - You have the cutiest kids !!!!!!
Loved the pictures.

Love, Mom

steph said...

i hope you feel better soon!! being sick is the very worst. i wish i would have gone to enrichment tuesday but dave had the car still and crew's car seat was in there. oh well. sounds like it was fun.

i read somewhere that one of the reasons women lose hair after they have babies is they're low in iron. so next baby, try iron supplements and see if that helps. i'd be curious if it did.

Leah and Joe said...

Yikes! I have wings and crazy stick out hair already-i am going to be a wreck when I am prego!

Anthony & Kristie said...

I can't believe how much Garret and Spencer look alike. I hope you are feeling better.

Jess said...

I get the same problem with hair. I didn't notice it after my first daughter. But after the second and the third, I get hair that grows as bangs. They are so annoying, and they fly every which way and there's no taming them. Then just as they look normal, I get pregnant and we go through the whole thing again! I'm in for crazy hair for the next 6-8 years. Oh well.

By the way, you don't know me (not really) I am Randy Grimes wife, and he was really good mission buddies with Tyler. Tyler was also the best man at our wedding.