Sunday, March 2, 2008

Temple Trip

Friday we headed east to Palmyra! We met up with a bunch of friends and were able to go to the temple. It had been a while for us and it was so nice to go. We decided to get a room and spend the night and go again in the morning. We took turns watching each others kids and I think they had a lot of fun. Garret loved the pool and seeing the temple. He now has a crush on Allison and wishes he could see her "all the time". We also got to see the dead scroll exhibit at the visitor center. It definitely would have been more interesting without the kids but was still worth going to and now i want to learn more about the dead sea scrolls. While there Garret got really excited because he thought he saw President Hinckley ( I love that he was so excited- I like to think that we are teaching him important things- and that they are sinking in - a little at least).
I think there is a kid rule that you have to have your tongue out when having fun.
It must have been fun because they were so tired.Spencer learned how to wave!


Johnny and Angela said...

Thanks for the fun weekend. I'm glad we got to see Spencer's new cute wave. Tell Garrett, he can see Allison whenever he wants.

Christopher and Alicia said...

what a fun trip! i have been away from the internet while we were frantically moving and had fun catching up on your blog. i also looooved the "tracing/tasting" story, that's classic. You and Christopher could probably swap stories, I do the weeeeirdest things in my sleep! It's nice to know there's someone else out there who does the same things i do! =)