Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happiness- We are so HAPPY (I know it's our anniversary so we are suppose to say that but we really really are!)

Anger- None! Seriously I can think of three times Tyler has yelled. They are pretty funny- #1 While we were dating (I think I must have said something not super nice) Tyler yelled "Get out of my car" followed almost immediately by "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it". #2 Tyler got upset about a broken window, again almost immediately "I'm sorry I yelled". #3 I really can't remember when it was but I remember thinking "Tyler just yelled, I need to remember that!"

Play- Spending time with Tyler is so fun!

Patience- Tyler has incredible patience. I think I married the most stress free easy going person there is!

Yesterday- I don't feel like we live in the past or spend too much time wishing for the future. We are happy where we are and I believe we will happy no matter where we are.

Altogether- We don't have it altogether yet but we are trying and I feel like every year our marriage gets better!

Not a bad kisser- Actually he is really good but I needed an N word!

New York- Where we spent most of our fourth year together and the place we are learning to love more all the time!

Inspiration- We are always learning so much from each other!

V minus I- (I know that is wrong- it should be IV) Either way there are Four of us!

Eternal Companions

Rivals- when we play games we like to win but more important than winning is beating your spouse! (are we the only ones with this problem?)

Song- the song that would describe this year (that is a hard....hmmmm....) we will go with either; Phil Vassar, Just Another Day in Paradise or Michael Buble, Everything

Amiable- So we just read Jane Eyre and I have been wanting to use a word from there- plus I really do find life this life to be both "pleasing and admirable"!

Rome- where we would be celebrating if we could afford it!

Year Four- I would call it a success!
I Love You Tyler- Thanks For A Great Year!

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Debbie said...

You two really are having a HAPPY Anniversary. I loved your thoughts Rachel. You two are truely the best. I hope this next year is as great, if not better, as the last.

Love, Mom