Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Today is Tyler's 27th birthday (and our anniversary)!!! He is busy with school so we will probably just eat dinner and have cake together when he gets home (Garret thinks we should go to another baseball game-I am not sure he understands that we were celebrating Monday for Tyler's birthday)! Garret made a special birthday game for Tyler so we will have some fun before he runs off to school again!!! We love our Tyler so much and hope he has a great day!!! Thanks for being the best husband and father!

Love Us!!!


Josh and Kandis said...

Happy birthday and anniversary!!

kristenita said...

¡felíz cumpleaños!

the stillwater is a PRETTY restaurant if you need somewhere fancy to celebrate!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! I love the pictures you post!