Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A little bit of a worm

Last night we had book club for Jane Eyre. I sat down to blog and decided I would write what I thought about it. Then since my kids are sleeping and I am very big fan of reading (I have a new goal to only turn the TV on when there is something specific I want to watch, no more mindless clicking- thus I have read A LOT) I decided to write down a few thoughts from my other recent reads (I'm pretty sure this a post most of you will find utterly boring!)

Jane Eyre- Five Stars! Beautiful language, perfect love story, a little suspense- your heart just gets sucked in and it gets so happy and so sad and its emotional all along the way.

Water for Elephants- One Star. I would not recommend this book. The circus adventure is interesting, the love story is weak and superficial and adulterous, the ending is unrealistic- and it's a dirty book.

Animal Vegetable Miracle- Four Stars. This is non-fiction about the food we eat. It is informative but not dry. I learned new things, thought about my own life and how we eat. It is worth reading.

Girl of the Limberlost- Four Stars. I think this is young adult which makes for an easy read. The main character is such a good moral person you can't help but love her and root for her to succeed. It is a coming of age story mixed with facts and interesting details about the Indiana swamp region.

Leadership and Self-Deception- Five Stars! This book is so awesome. I can not even explain it- Just read it!

Daddy Long Legs- four stars. Young adult book I reread because I remembered reading it when I was younger. It is about a college girl that has an anonymous financial contributor. He only asks for a letter each week. The book is all her letters to him. So cute!

The Greatest American Speeches- Four Stars. I don't agree with all of their picks but I enjoyed reading the speeches that changed so much of American history. It has caused me to think about our country, our part and what we can and should expect from our country.

Mrs. Mike- Four and a half Stars. I bought this book at the library on sale because I had heard of it before and it was fifty cents. When I got home my Mom said it had been one of my Grandmas favorites. After I read it I knew why. It is yet again a love story mixed with history and humor.

Christy- Four and a half stars. The story of a young school teacher in the Ozarks. This story is so inspiring and enjoyable. I loved her spirit and sense of adventure. I was a little disappointed in the way her relationship with who she ends up with was developed.

Wide Sargosa Sea- Two and a half stars. This book was written in the sixties about the crazy lady from Jane Eyre. If I were reading this book and did not love Jane Eyre I would have thought it was alright, but since I love Jane Eyre I was not a big fan. This book basically makes Mr. Rochester look like a jerk and in my opinion if a book is written by a different author that goes with a classic it has to stay true to the original characters. I did not feel this book did that.

Fire of the Covenant- Four and a half stars. This book was about the handcart companies and it did such a good job telling their story. Each chapter was well documented so you did not have to wonder what was fiction and what was fact.

All moms go to heaven- Four stars. This is written by Dean Hughes and I love how he writes. He wrote Children of the Promise (I highly recommend). This book just makes you feel good about being a Mom. It's funny and entertaining and touching.

I think those are all of my most recent reads! Like I said I have been a bit of a bookworm lately I am sure my list will grow and grow!


Sarah said...

good for you for only reading instead of watching tv. I have also read Christy and Mrs. Mike and really enjoyed them. Keep up the good work.

Debbie said...

What a great thing to put on your blog !! Your kids will enjoy reading, one day, about the books that you enjoyed. And I enjoyed reading about it today.

Love, Mom

Aaron & Devony said...

ooh, rachel you should join my online book club blog! Mostly we just post about all our recent reads and give each other ideas about what to read next! I too am a fanatical reader. Let me know if you want to join! It's at http://booksforus.blogspot.com/

Aaron & Devony said...
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