Friday, April 11, 2008

Where I got my start!

I found these pictures and thought they were so fun. The top one is the house I lived in until I think I was nine. The bottom one is the playground we had in our front yard. We lived on ten acres of woods and across the street was timberland and around the corner was the beach so we played outside all the time. My Dad bought a sawmill when I was pretty young and decided to build us a new house so over the course of three years we (I say we but I was pretty small- but for my age I did a lot). The house we built is beautiful and just up the hill from my first little home (I must add that the picture does not show the addition that was added!)
I am sure you are wondering why I put this on here but it was so fun for me to see these pictures. When I was a teenager I was embarrassed of where I used to live but now I love it. This is the home that I have so many memories of, where I first learned about home and family(I learned about love and family and being happy, and I learned it all without having a lot and I think that lesson was worth any embarrassment I felt in high school). I think my humble start has helped me know how to manage money, do without, know what is really important in life and I am so grateful for that. Plus I knew that my family that looks at this will enjoy the pictures!

A few memories from this time of my life-

-Playing, playing, playing...cowboys and Indians, bikes (Leah was the stop sign), playing in the mud and under the big tree and on "Lizzy".

-Lots of Pets- Furry, Mittens, Paws...ducks, chickens, sheep etc.

-The Christmas with the swag

-A few not so nice things- Leah and I had bunk beds- once when I was mad at her I wet the bed on purpose thinking it would get her (oh boy did that backfire). Sticking one of my sister's toothbrushes in the toilet then putting it back where I got it.

- Working in the garden

-Dad let the grass grow long then mowing a baseball field into it for FHE

-Being Ninja turtles for Halloween and then Steph broke our light with one of the weapons (you would think I would be over this)

-Having the freezer in our bedroom and the noise it would make, the pictures Daniel would draw on the chalkboard to scare us at night, seeing the red light out our window thinking it was reindeer.

-"Pink and purple, pink and purple" "Hiyah" (only Leah will get that- but I know she is laughing right now)

-Coon lake (the rope bridge, swimming, begging food from girls camp, looking at the stars, hiking, the fake snake...) , Utah trips (Ice, McDonald's and the quiet game, the irrigation, the twirly thing and homemade root beer)- someday I will blog about all of those memories!

-Having only one bathroom and seven people! Oh and we didn't have a shower just a bathtub...we learned to run outside in emergencies!

-Marge (and May Day with the sub...that was so embarrassing-we had a lilac tree and would always give flowers to the bus drive on May day- please tell me you know what May Day is! on my year to give them to the bus drive it was a sub as a six year old that was a big deal.)

-Anna's secret hiding spot that we knew about!

-The round candy cane!

-Lots and lots of family time- So many good memories....I will have to reminisce more later!


Leah and Joe said...

Rachel, That was so fun to read and remember all those good times!! You forgot one important story..... the floaties in the bathtub......

Debbie said...


Love you, Mom

P.S. Give us more anytime !!

Anna and Marc said...

thanks for the fun memories