Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun Times

Thursday we celebrated Jackson's birthday! He turned one and it is always fun watching the one year olds enjoy their cake! Amber made great enchiladas (I still need that recipe)! It was a great night out. Later that night the missionaries taught a discussion at our house and we love having them in our home. I love that my kids love them already- Garret had the hardest time going to bed knowing they were over!

Friday we went to Allison's beach birthday party. Garret loved it!!! Angela made the cutest cakes. Garret adores Allison and had so much fun celebrating with her. He even got a bubble wand from the party, which he loves and thinks is extra special because it was from Allison.
Today we took the kids to the zoo- always a good time!!! There are a couple pictures from the park as well. We finally found a park that is within walking distances of our house!!!


Amber said...

Those are such cute pictures! We are glad you all could come. I will send you the recipe for the enchiladas as soon as I bring it up from the basement (that could be DAYS!).

And - you can borrow my new ride anytime (as long as it's not being used :) In fact, Jason is planning on working in the yard this Saturday so you should borrow it and go on a family bike ride!

Johnny and Angela said...

That is so cute that Garrett loves the bubble wand because it came from Allison. Thanks for coming!Allison loves the craft book --- we do one everyday during art time.