Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes they are just so GROSS

Sweet little Spencer looked up at me this morning and I noticed something was in his mouth. Not wanting him to swallow whatever it was I reached in and grabbed a hold of it. Then I pulled and I pulled and I pulled and I am not even joking a HUGE wad of hair came out and it was wet and dirty (at this point I started dry heaving- it was that sick). The whole while my cute little guy is smiling and laughing. (At this point you are thinking my house must be super dirty- it's not...he just crawls over to our couch then reaches his little arm way under and grabs for whatever he can find then promptly puts it in his mouth- I vacuum and vacuum but it's not easy getting under our couch its really low and I think since we have wood floors everything migrates to one spot and Spencer has found it). I don't know how to break this habit.

So that is just one of the reasons Spencer is a little on the gross side. Next reason...he still spits up a lot and if I don't catch him he plays in it....SICK.

Garret has outgrown some of his baby grossness! However he still has some of his own....we are working on the "no nose picking thing"....he was sick on Monday and I got to clean up the throw up...not his fault of course but still SICK.

Now here is the crazy part...I really don't mind there grossness...they are just the cutest little things. Tyler and I are amazed at some of the things we willingly do for them!!! But there are definitely some habits we will not be sad when they outgrow!


Debbie said...

I can't help but laugh when I read some of your entries. I love this one, because I knew just what you were talking about. I must tell you though - there is surely more to come, and some may even be worse than anything you have seen yet.

Love Mom

Aaron & Devony said...

Ah, Sydney plays in her spit up too! It's so disgusting! I know this one isn't even that bad, but every time Sydney's nose runs so much it starts mingling with her spit I sort of start heaving too. It's the thought of swallowing all that snot that makes me want to vomit. Blech! The things we do for these gross little cuties!